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Constellix User Management Console: New Design and Upgraded Features

December 14, 2021
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Heather Oliver is a Technical Writer for Constellix and DNS Made Easy, subsidiaries of Tiggee LLC. She’s fascinated by technology and loves adding a little spark to complex topics. Want to connect? Find her on LinkedIn.

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Constellix just launched its new User Management Console. The interface got a complete makeover and several features received an upgrade. The core of the management console works the same as before, but the new design boasts a sleek, modern look, has more intuitive features, and gives you even more control over your DNS management. Each feature upgrade was thoughtfully developed based on user feedback and use cases. 

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest changes:

Intuitive Features and Informative Management Console

As mentioned above, the core functionality of the User Management Console is the same. But along with the new look, you’ll find menus and options easier and faster to navigate.

As soon as you log in to Constellix User Management, you’ll see a summary of your user stats. These stats include the number of active and inactive users, as well as the number of users with access to critical services for your domain, such as DNS, Sonar, Analytics, and Billing.

DNS Account - User Access

Managing Users

Managing your sub-users in Constellix has never been easier. Adding or removing access to Constellix features is now just a click of a button—no need to switch screens.

DNS User Management - sub-user

Activate, deactivate, or change user details by just clicking on the user’s name. You’ll love the faster, easier navigation.

User updates to DNS Management Account - Constellix Upgrade

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Update

Constellix has always offered multi-factor authentication but with this upgrade, we put more control in the hands of account administrators.

What’s changed?: Now account administrators have the option to require all users to have 2FA for their accounts.

2FA - 2 Factor Authentication Update
Security Setting for 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication

This setting can be turned on and off at the account level at any time by the account administrators.

Password Functionality Update

Keeping your account secure and protected is the highest priority at Constellix. Passwords and sensitive information have always been securely stored prior to this upgrade and will continue to be so.

What’s changed?: Account admins now have the option to designate password expiration time (in days), character length, and other requirements, such as having a mix of numbers and symbols (both uppercase and lowercase) for any user added to your account.

DNS Password Functionality - User Management

For complete documentation on two-factor authentication and password settings in your Constellix account, visit our How to Edit Security Settings tutorial.

API Key Functionality Update

One of the key features in Constellix is the ability to implement custom and creative workflows with API calls. The core functionality of our API services remains the same.

What’s changed?: With the new upgrade, each user on your account can now have up to two API keys at one time. Expiration dates can now be set for API keys as well. 

Constellix API Key Functionality User Upgrade

This upgrade is helpful for API key rollover requirements in your organization. If you need to replace an API key without disruption of service you can set two API keys to be active at one time in your account.

New Constellix User Management Portal Provides an Even Better User Experience

With easier-to-use features and faster navigation, you’ll save valuable time and have an even better user experience. We have a full set of documentation for admins and users in our knowledge base to refer to anytime you need help. And of course, our exceptional support team is always happy to assist you if you need additional assistance.

Constellix offers some of the most advanced, highly customizable features in the industry. Schedule a demo today to see how Constellix can help increase speeds, uptime, and ROI for your organization. 

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