We make the Internet faster, more reliable, and secure with next-generation DNS management and monitoring.

Easily fits into your stack no matter your deployment model

DNS Security illustration

Introducing Our Security Platform.

All the tools you need to safeguard your network surface from attackers and common exploits.

Powered by our battle-tested, self-healing network

Anomaly Detection

Our AI will alert you when traffic fluctuates. Coming Soon!

Real-Time Query Analytics

Detect early warning signs of attacks and stop them before your users notice

Easy DNS Filtering

Block unwanted traffic from potentially malicious sources by IP, ASN, or location

Rigorous Account Security

Your DNS is the entry point for many of your online assets. Protect it with Two-Factor Auth and account audits

Query Logging

Record minute long query logs to identify system misconfigurations or root cause analysis for attacks

Traffic Steering

Next-Gen DNS

Accelerate Application Delivery with DNS

We'll give you all the tools you need --and then some-- to help you lower response times and improve delivery accuracy ... like Traffic Steering which ensures users are routed to the fastest instance in your network every time.

Constellix fits seamlessly into your stack, whether you prefer programmatic implementations or point and click domain management.

Intelligent Monitoring

Full-Fledged Enterprise Monitoring Suite

Our monitoring tools can do a whole lot more than just augment our traffic management services. It can operate independently as a standalone monitoring service for enterprise scale networks and distributed applications.

New Feature!

We just introduced our own Real-User Monitoring service that gives you a direct line of sight into how your website or application loads in real users' browsers.

Constellix Sonar Monitoring

What Our Customers Say:

"[Constellix] is a must for today's world of compliance and auditing. Their DNS change notifications are like no other. The best I've ever seen. "

Larry F

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