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Web-based Control Panel

Easily setup DNS configurations and monitoring checks in our intuitive control panel.

Mobile Apps

Control your traffic on the go with our mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

REST-based API

Automate your domain management with our powerful RESTful API.


Sonar Lite App

Troubleshoot network connectivity issues from dozens of cities around the world.

Chrome Extension

Identify and troubleshoot website performance and connectivity issues from your browser.

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Need more? Please reach out to our support team to request additional features.

sonar lite extension

Try Our Free Web Performance Troubleshooter for Chrome

The ultimate in-browser monitoring and troubleshooting tool

  • Find out fast what's making your site load longer
  • Track and compare the performance of any website
  • Troubleshoot network issues with the wizard
  • Run quick network connectivity tests without using any code

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