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Connecting the World Through Edge DNS.

Faster, safer, and most reliable managed DNS. With 100% Uptime History.

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Enhanced DNS at the Edge

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Constellix combines the reassurance of DNS Made Easy, a network with a 20-year legacy who has consistently outperformed the competition
combined with innovative DNS strategies.

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Constellix has an average query resolution of 30 MILLISECONDS or less. If you are looking for an iron-clad infrastructure that is also the fastest in the industry... Look no further.

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Constellix answers high capacity queries of over 80 billion per day and with 21 strategic points of presence you can rest assured that our global presence is a force to be reckoned with.

Protect your brand reputation with better DNS management.

• Keep your website online - outage free
• Configure with ease
• Prevent DDoS attacks
• Monitor your domains
• Optimize site traffic
• Enhance Domain Performance
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Why top brands choose Constellix?

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Fastest DNS Provider in the industry
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High capacity, answering
over 80 BILLION queries a day
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Average query resolution
in 30 MILLISECONDS or less
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100% uptime history
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Best Enterprise DNS Provider:



An advanced intelligent management suite that allows you to harness the full power of DNS in one place.


Time to move to Constellix

Avoid downtime by automatically rerouting end users from unavailable resources to healthy backup IP addresses or hostnames.


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Distributes query traffic flow across multiple resources to share and balance the traffic based on resource availability and performance


geo tag geo ip

A cutting-edge IP filtering solution that lets you custom-route traffic based on predefined rules and block malicious or unwanted activity with ease.


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Internal Resolution that allows you to point the root of a domain to an FQDN or multiple FQDNs


Traffic Steering Constellix

Intelligently routes end users to the fastest resources in your network based on real-time Internet conditions.


query reports and statistics

Improve site performance and gain valuable insight into marketing and advertising campaigns with real-time reports of your domain activity.


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Constellix offers a real-time,
domain-level view of user queries.


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Make informed routing decisions based on actual user data. Get an inside look into how your site or application loads in browsers.


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Directs traffic to the CDN provider with the fastest and healthiest connection for improved site performance and a superior end-user experience.


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Automates tasks such as traffic rerouting and Failover configuration updates in real-time.


Real time Traffic anomaly detection

A layer of protection that lets you analyze traffic history and detect suspicious activity so you can stop attacks before they happen.

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Directs traffic to the CDN provider with the fastest and healthiest connection for improved site performance and a superior end-user experience.

Let us show you the Constellix difference.

We make the internet faster, more reliable, and secure with next-gen DNS management and monitoring. Outage free, guaranteed. We allow your team to get more done and protect your brand and its bottom line.

Constellix Featured Products

Elite DNS Network and Proprietary Solutions

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Multi-CDN Management
Reduce load times and improve routing accuracy

Multi-CDN allows you to effectively double your coverage map, ensuring 100% uptime even during provider outages, as well as significant performance gains. Balance out a provider’s weaknesses with another vendor’s strengths - that way you can be the fastest and enjoy 100% uptime across the globe.

Constellix uses real-time machine learning to dynamically route traffic to the best CDN for each user.

You don't need a CDN aggregator or Multi-CDN provider to get started. Just use your DNS provider, and enjoy complete control through a single interface.

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ITO Latency Load Balancing
Intelligent Traffic Steering with DNS

ITO automatically steers traffic to the fastest resources in your network. Our latency load balancers will update your DNS records to point to the fastest responding instances and are updated every 30 seconds!

✓ Choose how much response times have to deviate before the record is refreshed.

✓ Configure load balancers by region or create multiple load balancers for each of the five available regions.

✓ Return multiple endpoints each time the record is queried in a round robin fashion. Ideal for multi-CDN or multi-cloud environments.

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Global Load Balancing
Custom Routing Rules for Distributed Networks

Global Load Balancing combines GeoDNS routing logic with load balancing techniques to manage traffic flow on a global scale. Whenever a user queries your Global Load Balancing records, they will be answered by nameservers in their originating region and will receive a response specific to their locale.

Global Load Balancing solves many problems for distributed networks, such as:

✓ Answer queries in the user’s originating region

✓ Direct users to the server/resource closest to them

✓ Steer traffic toward resources with higher capacity or are more cost efficient

✓ Block potentially malicious traffic by location or IP address

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DNS Traffic Steering
Built for Today’s Distributed Applications

We use real-user metrics gathered from your website or our RUM community to paint a truly real-time map of the current state of the Internet.

You can use our Traffic Steering solution to optimize user experience depending on each user's network, device, or connection type (Wi-Fi, LAN, etc.). Traffic Steering is paving the way for the next generation of multi-CDN strategies. No more complicated configurations or costly hardware. Just plug in your CDN providers' API keys, install the RUM script on your site, and we’ll do the rest.

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DevOps & Automation
API-First So You Can Do Your Code Justice

Constellix uses an API-first approach because we believe that DNS should easily fit into your deployment workflow.

The perfect solution for MSPs and cloud service providers.

Our API makes it easy to manage hundreds, even thousands of clients domains. Many of our clients are MSPs and cloud service providers who use our API to programmatically:

✓ Provision custom subdomains for new clients

✓ Delegate clients’ domains to our nameservers

✓ Create and apply templates (reusable record configurations) to domains

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Network Resiliency
Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

Constellix offers multiple solutions that you can configure ahead of time to ensure high resource availability even during a disaster, such as DNS Failover, Load Balancing, and Secondary DNS.

You can use our load balancing solutions to manage traffic flow across your redundant services. If one resource is unavailable, a backup will immediately take over the traffic load until the primary is available again.

Our network resiliency solutions are powered by our health and latency monitoring checks. As soon as health or performance decreases, we will update your record configurations to point to the healthiest resource.

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