Query Reports and Statistics

Quickly obtain an overview of recent query activity for all domains in your account. 


Proper reporting is essential to system monitoring and maintenance. Now you will have a granular view of analyzing your DNS queries.

With Constellix query reports, you can quickly obtain an overview of recent query activity for all domains in the account. With query reports, you can identify which records are being queried the most in real-time. You will also have a granular view of query counts for each domain over a set period of time. 

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real time query reports and analytics

The Power of Information

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System Analytics

Take advantage of query logs to identify system misconfigurations
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Detect Attacks

Have the perfect tool to compare capacity trends over time to detect attacks
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Identify Resources

Save time and resources to identify stale or unused records
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Pinpoint a CDN

The ability to pinpoint a CDN (or other cloud service) that is making excess requests

Create historical usage reports

Create historical usage reports, and analyze whether or not there has been a steady increase in the volume of traffic. This will allow you to identify if there are any deviations from normal traffic patterns.

Analyze Queries By Location:

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You will also have the ultimate ability to compare queries by location. The Queries by Location time-series shows query counts at each location at 30-minute intervals over a definable time range. This means that you can now:
✓ Gather insight into your DNS infrastructure
✓ Analyze DDoS and other DNS-based attacks
✓ Pinpoint which records are being used the most
✓ Troubleshoot influx of DNS queries
✓ Examine request loads on DNS servers and zones
✓ Evaluate the effects of service or configuration changes

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