GeoDNS + GeoIP Services

Custom routing logic using Filters and GeoProximity rules

Segment your traffic based on your users' location or network.

GeoDNS is routing logic that sits in front of your records and filters in traffic that meets certain parameters that you define. You can use GeoDNS to block traffic from reaching your servers or to optimize user experiences for different locales.

✓ Build your own Content Delivery Network (CDN)
✓ Geographic load balancing
✓ Block malicious or unwanted traffic
✓ Optimize routing for different networks or regions
Unfamiliar with GeoDNS technology? Check out this quick guide.

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If your organization needs enhanced DNS solutions like Geo-DNS, a Constellix expert to help you create a one-of-a-kind strategy that can optimize your domains.

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Most Accurate GeoDNS and GeoIP Responses

The Global Traffic Director can correct any errors caused by incorrect IP to Location mapping databases from GeoIP services (IP Filters and GeoProximity) as well as incorrect lookups by poor peering practices.

Constellix is the only platform that offers these two services together,
giving you the most accurate configurations in the industry.

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Multi-CDN Management
Create unique routing rules-based on users' location or network

IP Filters can be used to:

✓ Build a firewall at the DNS level that allows you to block malicious traffic before it even reaches your servers.

✓ Create unique rules for mobile traffic, countries, cities, even IP addresses.

Filters can be created for: regions, countries, cities, IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6), ASN (Autonomous System Network) of the resolving name server, or EDNS client subnet.

Available for A, AAAA, CNAME, and now ANAME records.

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Geo IP Filters - Geolocation

You have ultimate control with IP filters.
Setting business rules that sit in front of your DNS record will help make business decisions that benefit your bottom line ROI.

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Proximity-Based Routing
Reduce load times with localized responses

Our GeoIP engine automatically points your users to the closest servers in your network. You can use it to build your own CDN!

GeoProximity targeting lets you hone in on users from as broad as regional, to as granular as city-level lookups! You can even specify the longitude and latitude of your lookups.

Available for A, AAAA, CNAME, and now ANAME records.

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Global Traffic Director (GTD)
Regional Traffic Steering

Global Traffic Director allows you to create region-specific records. Users' DNS queries are answered by nameservers located in the user's region.

Global Traffic Director, also known as Geo-Load Balancing can be used to optimize traffic flow and improve query resolution accuracy.

✓ US East
✓ US West
✓ Europe
✓ Asia-Pacific
✓ South America
✓ Oceania

Protect brand reputation with better DNS.

• Keep your website online - guaranteed
• Configure with Ease
• Prevent DDoS attacks
• Monitor your domains
• Optimize site traffic
• Enhance Domain Performance
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