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Constellix DNS Solutions are a Better Alternative to NS1

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NS1 DNS vs Constellix

Many NS1 users are getting tired of costly outages, vendor lock-in issues, and hidden fees. They are essentially putting all their eggs in one technology basket, only to be faced with unnecessary outages again and again. Constellix is here to save you from the stress and help keep the ship sailing smoothly. 

Constellix full-service DNS solutions are tailor-made to fit enterprise organizations like yours with customized plans where you only pay for what you use. Painless pricing that is upfront and endlessly scalable. We have encountered endless customers over the years that have switched from NS1 to Constellix.

Since switching DNS providers, they have seen the benefits and reaped the rewards of Constellix's user-friendly interface. In addition to an iron-clad infrastructure that offers 100% uptime history, our services are unmatched. Let us show you what elite DNS looks like.

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NS1 Managed DNS Outages

NS1 Pulsar Traffic Steering

NS1 Pulsar Traffic Steering - July 2021

Active Traffic Steering status updates from NS1:

STATUS UPDATE 1: Engineers are working on an incident presently which involves Pulsar Data Ingestion. At this time, Pulsar Data Ingestion is offline. We will update this as more information becomes available.

STATUS UPDATE 2: Engineers are still working on the Pulsar Data Ingestion issue. DNS Delivery should not be affected, as cached values will be used. Once data begins to flow again into the ingestion pipeline those values will be updated.

STATUS UPDATE 3: This incident has been resolved.


About Sonar Monitoring

NS1 - Regional DNS Outage - July 2021

Intermittent DNS performance issue in Oceania and South of Europe regions

Engineers are investigating an intermittent DNS performance issue that might be impacting ALIAS records which have target hosted by NS1 in Oceania and South of Europe regions Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

OUTAGE DURATION: 54:25:00 (July 16-19)

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NS1 Managed DNS Performance
DNS Graph Icons

NS1 - DDoS Attack - 2016

WHEN:  May, 2016

WHY: DDoS Attack

 Big name clients like Yelp, Imgur, and Alexa were all unavailable during the outage. The majority of their thousands of clients were unavailable.

AFFECTED REGIONS: Europe and North America

Prevent DDoS Attacks
NS1 Managed DNS Service

Constellix DNS Provider Difference

Ultimate Security
Ensure your site and services are always live and available to your end users in the event of outages.
No other DNS provider can say that.

DNS Outage Prevention
The Constellix suite of DNS management solutions creates an indestructible plan for ultimate brand security and 100% guaranteed uptime.

Cost Effective Solution
Switching to Constellix can save you thousands of dollars monthly - not to mention the insurmountable losses that will occur when NS1 has another inevitable outage. How much will your next outage cost you?

DNS Feature Comparison Overview

blank spaceConstellix Logo Check DNS NetworkNS1 Logo
100% Uptime
Easy Wizards and Import Utilities
IP Anycast DNS Network
(DNS resolution at the edge)
24/7/365 Technical Support
Multi-Factor Authentication and SSO

(only with very high paid services)
DNS Failover on A / AAAA / CNAME/
Limited records and features available.
Geo DNS Capabilities
(no GTD combined with GeoDNS)
MultiCDN Capabilities
Full API Capabilities
GUI Interface for DNS Management
DNS Templates
Vanity Name Servers
Real-Time Logging of
DNS queries
DNS Query Reporting

(basic features only)
Weighted Round Robin
ANAME (Alias records)

(limited features)
Multi-User Access

(only with high paid account)
Real-Time Anomaly Detection
(AI/machine learning)
Top tier DNS Speeds
Dedicated DNS Specialists
and Support
Constellix Logo Check DNS Network

100% Uptime

Constellix combines the reassurance of DNS Made Easy, a network with a 20-year legacy that has consistently outperformed the competition with intelligent traffic-routing services that can dynamically adapt to network conditions and resource performance. We even offer a 500% back uptime SLA guarantee.

Constellix Logo Check DNS Network

Proprietary Software

We designed Constellix with a completely new, custom codebase that allows us to do things that other legacy services could never accomplish.
Our proprietary software allows us to implement a number of advanced features not possible with standard RFC-compliant nameserver software.

Constellix Logo Check DNS Network

Smart Solutions

Constellix technology has opened the doors for innovative solutions for managing Multi-CDN architectures and globally distributed cloud services. Our Traffic Steering solution uses a combination of advanced DNS routing rules and Real-User Monitoring to optimize how traffic is routed to your resources based on real-user data.

NS1 Problems and Issues

✓ Constellix has 100% lifetime uptime history
  NS1 has had multiple outages - most recently in 2021

✓ Constellix has
more peers than NS1

NS1 only has 123 BGP peers

✓ Constellix has more network capacity in peering alone

NS1 has limited peering capacity

✓  Constellix runs on the largest network in the world dedicated to authoritative DNS
NS1 operates a much smaller network with specialized cloud services

✓  Constellix network infrastructure is exponentially larger than NS1
Leaving their domains vulnerable to attacks and outages

✓  Constellix provides scalable and competitive pricing solutions
   NS1 does not provide competitive pricing and is focused on high monthly invoices

✓  Constellix offers additional monitoring solutions using AI/ML that save you time and money
   Our competitors do not invest in the R&D to provide these solutions

✓  Constellix runs on dedicated bare-metal infrastructure that we own and maintain
Our competitors run on Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) or specialized cloud systems for the majority of their networks and spend most of their financial resources on sales and marketing, instead of their infrastructure.