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Enterprise DNS Outage Prevention

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DNS Architecture

Constellix has invested millions in its one-of-a-kind architecture to offer optimum availability and decreased latency for all of its customers.

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Enterprise DNS Strategy

Constantly adapting and growing our network so our partners are met with 100% uptime and zero risk of downtime.

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Edge Network Stability

Our global PoPs were strategically placed in top-tier locations around the world to support and maintain stability even in the event of an intrusion.

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Scalable DNS Solution

Ultimate scalability - this  is where we excel. Our core foundation was built for endless growth potential that can handle the brunt of an immense attack.

Prevent DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are on the rise and companies have never been more susceptible to threats that can be detrimental to their organization. Without advanced tools and machine-learning technologies, companies are vulnerable to an event.

Preparing your DNS infrastructure is a vital step in protecting your brand security and overall ROI.

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Enterprise Group Permissions

Constellix has created a 4-tiered approach to permissions providing a truly customizable and fool-proof strategy.
With rollback, editing, and:

• Domain Level Permissions
• IP Filter Level Permissions
• Geo Proximity Level Permissions
• Pool Level Permissions

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Edge DNS for IT Teams

DNS Built for IT Teams

• Enabled automation allows for teams to work remotely or on-site. Routine maintenance and testing brings efficiency.

• Continually adding new integrations and provisioning tools that make the role of IT professionals easier and workloads more efficient.

• Changes have never been easier with rollback capabilities and activity logs that are ideal for teams to eliminate errors, and allow selected team members specific levels of access.

Not here for DNS?
Try Sonar Performance Monitoring.

Did you know that you can use Sonar performance monitoring as a stand-alone service?

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Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Smart Alerts - Alerts your team immediately so you’ll never miss a beat.
With instant checks, you can run fast troubleshooting tests over multiple protocols.

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Automated Disaster Recovery

Automated Disaster Recovery - When a health or performance change occurs, we’ll automatically update the associated DNS configuration to point to an available or faster resource.

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Proven DNS Monitoring

Sonar is battle-tested and proven to help network engineers stay on top of service disruptions, monitor upstream providers, and validate SLAs with 100% confidence.

Sonar Performance Monitoring Success Story

The Constellix DNS and Sonar monitoring services are second to none in the industry. Their low latency response times, track record of 100% uptime, and ability to direct traffic based on actual service availability using their purpose-built, Global Anycast DNS Network provides provides our customers with faster response times and improved reachability, wherever they are located in the world.”

Alexander McMillen
SVP Operations, OPAQ

Other DNS Providers Can't Compete

• Constellix has 100% lifetime uptime history
- Our competitors continue to have outages.

• Our Geo-DNS capabilities are industry elite - No other services is as accurate.

• We are multi-cloud friendly - Easily work with all major cloud providers.

•Leaders in Multi-CDN management - We offer more Multi CDN services than anyone else in the world.

Our real-time analytics and monitoring tools are proprietary and unique to the industry.

• Constellix offers additional monitoring solutions using AI/ML that save you time and money.

What is DNS at Constellix?



Offers the ability to implement. DNS-management changes to avoid downtime and improve performance for end users.


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Automatically reroutes end users from unavailable resources to backup resources to ensure a healthy and stable connection.


Libra DNS

Distributes query traffic flow across multiple resources to share and balance the traffic, based on resource availability and performance.


GEO DNS Server Connections

Allows custom-routing management abilities to filter predefined traffic from reaching your servers or optimizing end-user location experience.


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Internal Resolution that allows the ability to point the root of a domain to an FQDN or multiple FQDNs.


Traffic Steering Constellix

Intelligently routes end users to the fastest resources in your network based on real-time Internet conditions.


query reports and statistics

An overview of recent query activity for all domains in an account to view which records are queried the most in real-time.


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A granular view of the users querying your domain in real-time.


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Real-Time Traffic Anomaly that displays unusual traffic patterns


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Solution that locates the CDN provider with the fastest and healthiest connection to provide organizations and their end users the best experience.


Real time Traffic anomaly detection

Displays unusual traffic patterns to allow organizations to properly investigate the activity


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