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Constellix uses an API-first approach because we believe that DNS should easily fit into your deployment workflow.

Great for MSP’s and cloud service providers…

Our API makes it easy to manage hundreds, even thousands of clients domains. Many of our clients are MSP’s and cloud service providers who use our API to programmatically:

✓ Provision custom subdomains for new clients
✓ Delegate clients’ domains to our nameservers
✓ Create and apply templates (reusable record configurations) to domains
  ... and so much more

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Why Use Our API?

By Developers for Developers

Enjoy the full functionality of our web-based control panel, just without the interface.

You can manage your infrastructure with your own code, and we'll instantly propagate all your changes to our global network.

"It just works"

DNS management should easily fit into your deployment workflow, not inhibit it. Our API makes it easy for you to automate DNS tasks and get back to what’s important.

Well Documented

Our extensive documentation makes it easy to develop your own code on top of our REST-based API. Includes sample callbacks in Ruby, cURL, JQuery, Python, Node, PHP, and Go.

Our API Was Built for You

MP's Cloud Service Providers
Replicate DNS configurations across many domains with templates. Automatically apply configurations when you get new clients: create sub-user accounts, apply templates or provision custom subdomains.
Manage how your network of microservices are connected with our API. Automatically create records to handle the relationships between your services. Integrate monitoring services and setup failover, so only active services are used (not yet configurable through API).
Power User
Have a lot of domains and hate repeating yourself? Then our API was built for you. Roll out changes to many domains at once, make bulk changes, and so much more.

Need help deciding?

Let one of our sales specialists help. Tell us what you want to accomplish with our API and we will help you find a solution.Or you can schedule a demo and we can show you some of the ground-breaking things you can accomplish with our API.

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