Traceroute Command Tool

Free Online DNS Resource Tool

The Traceroute Tool will perform a Traceroute lookup and provide the output in both a line graph and data table format. This tool is typically used to diagnose possible delays or blockages within the connection route between two devices.

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Traceroute Command Tool Explained

About the Traceroute Tool

Constellix's free Traceroute tool performs a traceroute lookup against the specified server from the location selected. The output of the result is then displayed in a line graph. Each point in the line graph represents a "hop" in the request packets path, as well as the speed in milliseconds that it took for the packet to reach that hop. In addition we provide a data table of the raw output for your convenience.

What is a Traceroute?

A Traceroute is a tool that is used to display the path a packet took
to reach its final destination. Often, this tool is used to diagnose issues that may occur within the route between the point at which the packet was sent to the destination server.

Why Use Traceroute Command Test?

Our Traceroute tool can help you easily run Tracreoute lookups from over 25 locations spread across the world, with more locations being added soon! This tool provides a clear visual representation of the traceroute output, making it easier to understand and read.