Multi CDN Live Performance Tool

Multi CDN Performance

✓ Fully-automated Multi-CDN monitoring can be customized to fit your organization’s needs

✓ Starting at only $30 a month for real-time Multi-CDN performance monitoring 

✓ Displays all CDN providers’ performances in real-time    

✓ Allows use of collected CDN data to make smart DNS traffic-routing decisions for end users  

✓ Immediately displays real-time changes made to remedy detected anomalies

✓ Traffic Steering solution that provides a fully-automated load-balancing service

✓ Routes users to the fastest CDN resources in the organization’s network based on real-time Internet conditions

✓ Failover service will automatically reroute visitors from unavailable CDNs to another to ensure a healthy and stable connection

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Fastest DNS Network Benefits

✓ Only DNS provider with a 100% uptime history

✓ Most cost-effective monitoring solution in the industry 

✓ Can reduce spending on CDN expenses by thousands of dollars monthly

✓ Guarantees fastest load times and most reliable connection

✓ The only Multi-CDN management product that allows complete resolution of internal and external system failures   

✓ World’s only reporting tool that shows the performance of CDNs in real-time and updated every second

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