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Need a Google Cloud DNS Provider Alternative?

Constellix DNS services offer a full range of capabilities that are not found in Google DNS. These features are designed to make the task of the IT administratorsSite Reliability Engineers easier.

Constellix full-service DNS solutions are tailor-made to fit enterprise organizations like yours with customized plans where you only pay for what you use. Painless pricing that is upfront and endlessly scalable. We have encountered endless customers over the years that have switched from Google Cloud to Constellix.

Since switching DNS providers, they have seen the benefits and reaped the rewards of Constellix's user-friendly interface. In addition to an iron-clad infrastructure that offers 100% uptime history, our services are unmatched. Let us show you what elite DNS looks like.

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Google Cloud Managed DNS Pricing

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Google Cloud Managed DNS Zone Pricing

Up to 25 managed zones
$0.20 per zone /month

Managed zones 26 -10,000
$0.10 per zone /month

Managed zones > 10,000
$0.03 per zone /month

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Google Cloud DNS Traffic Pricing

First 1 billion queries
$0.40 /per million queries/ month

Over 1 billion queries
$0.20 per million queries per month

Constellix is more affordable and scalable compared to Google Cloud

Constellix Pricing
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Compare Constellix Managed DNS Pricing

DNS TRAFFIC - First 1 billion queries
$0.395 /per million queries/ month

DNS TRAFFIC - Over 1 billion queries
$0.195 per million queries per month  

Managed Zones > 26
$0.095 per domain/month

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Constellix Enterprise DNS Provider

Secure DNS
Ensure your site and services are always live and available to your end users in the event of outages.
No other DNS provider can say that.

Powerful GeoDNS features that allow you to manage your traffic in any way possible. Constellix
offers the most flexible traffic-management logic in the industry.

DNS and DDoS Attack Outage Prevention
The Constellix suite of DNS management solutions creates an indestructible plan for ultimate brand security and 100% guaranteed uptime.

Scalable DNS Solution
Switching to Constellix can save you money and is built to scale- not to mention the insurmountable
losses that will occur when Google has another outage.

Google Cloud Speed Performance Test

Constellix  Products are superior to Google Cloud DNS

August 2021 DNS Perf Ops Speed Comparison - Google Cloud Speed Doesn't compare to Constellix (lower number is better)

Global Speed Performance: Constellix 20.89 ms vs. Google Cloud 57.37 ms

DNS Perf Speed Comparison Google Cloud VS Constellix DNS 2021

Google Cloud Features Compared to Constellix

Constellix solutions are superior to Google Cloud DNS

• Constellix has 100% uptime history since inception- Google has had several outages in 2021 alone.

• Our Geo-DNS capabilities are industry elite
- Google's are drastically limited.

• One of our specialties is Multi-CDN management - Google doesn't offer it at all.

• Google does NOT offer dedicated DNS specialists to support its users. We do.

• Constellix offers extensive monitoring solutions using AI/ML that save you time and money.

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100% Uptime for Domains

Constellix combines the reassurance of DNS Made Easy, a network with a 20-year legacy that has consistently outperformed the competition with intelligent traffic-routing services that can dynamically adapt to network conditions and resource performance. We even offer a 500% back uptime SLA guarantee.

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Advanced DNS Features

We designed Constellix with a completely new, custom codebase that allows us to do things that other legacy services could never accomplish.
Our proprietary software allows us to implement a number of advanced features not possible with standard RFC-compliant nameserver software.

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Multi-CDN Cloud Services

Constellix technology has opened the doors for innovative solutions for managing Multi-CDN architectures and globally distributed cloud services. Our Traffic Steering solution uses a combination of advanced DNS routing rules and Real-User Monitoring to optimize how traffic is routed to your resources based on real-user data.

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