GSLB - Global Server Load Balancer

Custom Routing Rules for Distributed Networks

Modern network architectures have become increasingly distributed, requiring localized routing configurations to manage growing traffic loads. Global Load Balancing (GLB) can be used to harmonize traffic flow across your distributed resources and create custom routing rules for different locales.
Global Load Balancing combines GeoDNS routing logic with load balancing techniques to manage traffic flow on a global scale.

✓ Answer queries in the user’s originating region
✓ Direct users to the server/resource closest to them
✓ Steer traffic toward resources with higher capacity or more cost efficient
✓ Block potentially malicious traffic by location or IP address

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GSLB Benefits

Whenever a user queries your Global Load Balancing records, they will be answered by multiple name servers in their originating region and will receive a response specific to their locale.


Accurate Global Load Balancing

We use a massive GeoDNS database to map users’ IP addresses to their locations. It’s so granular, you can create custom routing rules based on your users’ region, country, city, geographic coordinates, network, or IP address.


No Startup Costs

Constellix makes GLB an affordable and viable solution for businesses of all sizes. You only pay for GeoDNS queries.

It’s intuitive and simple to use. Anyone can have it set up and ready to use in minutes.

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Trusted Anycast Network

Our Global Load Balancer is backed by our Anycast network, meaning users are answered by nameservers in the region where their query originated.
This allows us to answer queries faster and deliver truly localized responses.
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Reduce DNS Lookups

Since you are balancing at the DNS level, you won’t have to risk adding extra lookups or dependencies like you would with third-party load balancers.

Global Load Balancer Configurations

Here are just a few of the ways you can set up global load balancing in Constellix. All you need is a basic understanding of how our GeoDNS services work and familiarity with the different kinds of load balancing services we provide.

Answer Users in their Region
Automatically route users to resources in their region with our Global Traffic Director. More accurate than other GeoDNS services, and can correct for wrong resolution errors caused by faulty IP mapping.
Powered by: Global Traffic Director

Route by Proximity
With our GeoProximity engine, you can build your own custom CDN (Content Delivery Network) and that's just the beginning. GeoProximity instantly calculates which of your resources is closest to your users and updates your record to point to that resource.
Powered by: GeoProximity

Load Balancing - IP Filters

Need something more customizable? You're in full control! With IP Filters, you can create your own rules based on user location, IP address, network (ASN), or EDNS client subnet. You can also use filters to drop traffic from potentially dangerous sources. Or apply them to records or load balancing pools.
Powered by: IP Filters
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