Load Balancing + Health Checking

Easily integrate health checks into your load balancing configurations with baked-in Failover. Failover automatically moves your traffic from unavailable resources to healthy ones. The most affordable and easiest type of load balancing to configure.

DNS Failover is natively integrated with almost all of our services:
✓ GeoProximity
✓ Global Load Balancing
✓ Traffic Steering
✓ Round Robin
✓ Latency Load Balancing

Failover is supported for A, AAAA, ANAME, and CNAME records. All you need to do is enable Failover for your record, and specify the IP addresses or hostnames of your backup resources. These backups are only used when the primary IP/hostname is unavailable.

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health checks with dns failover

Types of DNS Failover

There are three settings for enhanced failover. Rankings determine the order the backup IP addresses
will be served when the primary IP is unavailable.

Types of DNS

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