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Constellix DNS is a better alternative to Amazon Route 53.

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Many AWS users are getting tired of costly outages, vendor lock-in issues, and hidden fees. They are essentially putting all their eggs in one technology basket, only to be faced with unnecessary outages again and again. Constellix is here to save you from the stress and help keep the ship sailing smoothly. 

Constellix full-service DNS solutions are tailor-made to fit enterprise organizations like yours with customized plans where you only pay for what you use. Painless pricing that is upfront and endlessly scalable. We have encountered endless customers over the years that have switched from AWS to Constellix.

Since switching DNS providers, they have seen the benefits and reaped the rewards of Constellix's user-friendly interface. In addition to an iron-clad infrastructure that offers 100% uptime history, our services are unmatched. Let us show you what elite DNS looks like.

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Wondering how we stack up against AWS Route 53 pricing? Our DNS management and analytics tools are not only
more cost effective vs AWS, we clearly state and offer a pay-as-you-go option. See for yourself!

AWS Route 53 DNS Speed Test Comparison

Route53 Alternative - DNS Performance

Route 53 DNS Limitations

Here are a few ways Constellix solutions DOMINATES Amazon Route 53 in the DNS market:

• Constellix has 100% lifetime uptime history - Amazon has had multiple outages in 2020 and beyond.

• Our Geo-DNS capabilities are industry elite - AWS's are drastically limited.

• We are multi-cloud friendly - AWS doesn’t play well with others, which causes vendor lock-in.

• One of our specialties is Multi-CDN management - AWS doesn't offer it at all.

• Amazon does NOT offer dedicated DNS specialists to support its users. We sure do.

• Constellix offers additional monitoring solutions using AI/ML that save you time and money.

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Need a better DNS Provider?

Constellix makes the internet faster, more reliable and secure with next-gen DNS management and monitoring. Outage-free, guaranteed.

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Reliable Network

Constellix combines the reassurance of DNS Made Easy, a network with a 20-year legacy who has consistently outperformed the competition with intelligent traffic-routing services that can dynamically adapt to network conditions and resource performance. We even offer a 500% back uptime SLA guarantee.

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Premium DNS Solutions

We designed Constellix with a completely new, custom code base that allows us to do amazing things that DNS Made Easy (and other legacy services) could never accomplish. Such as proprietary name server software that allows us to implement a number of advanced features not possible with a standard RFC-compliant name server software.

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Global Distribution

This technology opened the doors for innovative solutions for managing Multi-CDN architectures and globally distributed cloud services, such as our Traffic Steering. Traffic Steering uses a combination of advanced DNS routing rules and Real-User Monitoring to optimize how traffic is routed to your resources based on the current state of the Internet.

Need a Stress-Free DNS Experience?

Why spend endless hours with the continued stress that outages cause, when you can spend your time doing the parts of your job that you enjoy?

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Constellix was designed by engineers for engineers. Every aspect of our enterprise services can be provisioned by our APIs and have already been integrated in the world's most popular provisioning tools. Our Enhanced UI/ baked-in tools help to ease the workload of IT staff (rollback/version control, RBAC, etc). We provide a truly customizable DNS management environment that allows you to get the job done with ease.

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Scalable Domain Management

We understand that AWS offers a lot of services. But DNS is not one of their strong suits, and this is seen as a bi-product to them. Constellix  specializes in customized DNS services for companies of all sizes. Continuously providing industry-leading solutions to our users that help their businesses succeed at an infinitely scalable rate. Did we mention our 100% uptime guarantee?

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Faster than Route 53

Constellix continues to beat AWS Route 53 in speed comparisons month after month. With our strategically placed global points of presence, it's hard to compete with our speeds. Additionally, our superior hardware is located all over the world and allows us to continue to break records. If speed is something that matters to you, we can help keep your site running fast and expertly optimized.

Constellix - Premium DNS Provider

Ensure your site and services are always live and available to your end users in the event of outages.
No other DNS provider can say that.

Multi-Cloud DNS Support
Constellix easily integrates with AWS Route 53 allowing an organization to have two DNS providers. You can add your DNS configurations into Constellix and it automatically updates in Amazon.
AWS is not backwards compatible and this can cause vendor lock-in issues.

Cost Effective Solution
Switching to Constellix can save you thousands of dollars monthly - not to mention the insurmountable losses that will occur when AWS has another inevitable outage. How much will your next outage cost you?

What is Constellix DNS?



Offers the ability to implement. DNS-management changes to avoid downtime and improve performance for end users.


Time to move to Constellix

Automatically reroutes end users from unavailable resources to backup resources to ensure a healthy and stable connection.


Libra DNS

Distributes query traffic flow across multiple resources to share and balance the traffic, based on resource availability and performance.


GEO DNS Server Connections

Allows custom-routing management abilities to filter predefined traffic from reaching your servers or optimizing end-user location experience.


Aname records icon

Internal Resolution that allows the ability to point the root of a domain to an FQDN or multiple FQDNs.


Traffic Steering Constellix

Intelligently routes end users to the fastest resources in your network based on real-time Internet conditions.


query reports and statistics

An overview of recent query activity for all domains in an account to view which records are queried the most in real-time.


real time logs icon

A granular view of the users querying your domain in real-time.


RUM icon

Real-Time Traffic Anomaly that displays unusual traffic patterns


Multi CDN icon

Solution that locates the CDN provider with the fastest and healthiest connection to provide organizations and their end users the best experience.


Shield Sonar Monitoring icon

Automates tasks such as traffic rerouting and Failover configuration updates in real-time.


Real time Traffic anomaly detection

Displays unusual traffic patterns to allow organizations to properly investigate the activity

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