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CDN Solutions: Content Delivery solutions are a fundamental part of distributing media and applications to individuals around the world faster and securely. They are a crucial part of your infrastructure, and this is why we believe our users should have the ability to obtain live data on the spot!

CDN Performance Reports: The reporting system uses our ITO feature and RUM to calculate the fastest performing CDN in your desired region. This allows you to obtain a granular insight into the performance into your CDN

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Visualize Data

Our dashboard will allow you to filter and visualize data using a variety of metrics. You will have the tools to provide your team with the visibility needed to sort through complex CDN performance issues.

With our CDN Performance Reports, you won’t have to rely on historical data. You will be able to analyze the top-performing CDNs for a specific region in real-time and utilize it. These reports will let you make calculated decisions when choosing from the wide variety of CDN providers.

Monitor your CDN 24/7

When you use our reporting tool, you will have the necessary resources 24/7 available for you to make decisions on:
✓ CDN delivery 
✓ Latency and availability 
✓ Geographic CDN Load balancing
✓ CDN outages 
✓ Mitigate DDoS attacks
✓ And the ability to specify a time range and interval for the decision report.

All of this data provides you with an immediate view of how any configuration changes and weights affect a regions' decisions.

We provide instant notifications if any CDN goes down, you will also be alerted when they are up and running.

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