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DNS powers everything within your network, now imagine having the ability to know exactly who is making a query. For the first time in our industry with real-time logs (RTL) you will have a granular view of the users querying your domain in real-time.

This extensive data could be used to identify internal or external misconfigurations and for you to really fine tune your DNS ruleset.

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Need Detailed Analytics?

Constellix Real-Time Logs allows for the most detailed query analytics reports available in the industry. Talk to a DNS expert for more information on how you can add this advanced solution to your DNS Management.

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DNS Statistics and Insights

IP Filters and Real-Time Logs

Another feature that works well in conjunction with RTL is our IP filter feature. If your queries are going up and you are unsure where they are coming from, you can easily run a log with a click of a button to identify whether it is an internal configuration issue or malicious traffic. We keep track of these logs for 60 seconds, while the maximum time period is 300 seconds. 

You will have the ability to find out the users location and even block their specific IP address using our IP filter feature
If you do determine it is in fact, malicious traffic, Constellix provides you with the right tools to help prevent that web traffic from hitting your webserver.

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How to Use IP Filters with Real Time Logs

Our IP filter tool allows us to rule out IPv4 or IPv6 as well as an ASN or even by region or country. With real-time logging, you can rule out specific geographical locations that do not interest your organization or might pose a threat. 

Another benefit is comparing data with previous traffic analytics. Save the data from real-time logging into a CSV file. You could also upload previous events and compare them to the log you just ran to analyze the difference in traffic.

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User Insight with Filters

For the first time in the industry users can now filter on:

✓ Country
✓ City
✓ EDNS Client Subnet (uses IP filter & Geo Proximity)
✓ IP Verison
✓ Record Type
✓ Domain Name
✓ Time Stamp 
✓ IP Version (IPv4 or IPv6)
✓ Protocol (TCP or UDP)

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For critical web applications, you need to have an independent system that is capable of monitoring your primary infrastructure, detecting failure, and switching to an independent secondary system.
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