Real-time Traffic
Anomaly Detection

Detect traffic incidents in real time with global
checks every 30 minutes, so your organization
can have peace of mind 24/7.

Real-time Traffic Anomaly allows you to pinpoint unusual traffic patterns, which can be repurposed to monitor key metrics, fraudulent activity, or system breakage.
Constellix offers the most accurate analytics in the Industry.

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Need Anomaly Detection + Machine Learning?

Constellix can prevent an outage with our proprietary machine learning techniques. Talk to a DNS expert for more information on how you can implement this advanced solution.

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Easily Analyze Traffic & Receive Alerts 

You can easily operate within our RTTAD dashboard, which provides clear visualizations of your traffic. Another useful feature is Alerts. Set alerts for suspicious traffic so you can be notified immediately in order to prevent further damage. 

By uncovering blind spots in your traffic you will have the ability to troubleshoot (DNS configurations) and access valuable information of your traffic in real time. 
With Real-time traffic Anomaly Detection you will be able to put out the fire before it erupts. Now you will have the power to mitigate the damage before it is too late.

With RTTAD you will be able to combat:

1. DDoS attacks: Detect high query spikes before the attack occurs
2. Malicious spam attacks: Identify increased MX and TXT record lookups
3. Internal misconfigurations: Pinpoint errors that lead to an unexpected decrease or increase in queries
4. Server issues: Spot anomalies due to failed or poor-performing servers or systems within your internal domain

Machine Learning within RTTAD

Machine Learning graphic
We utilize machine learning to the maximum extent using the Fourier Arima model, machine learning will dynamically select the best model out of a range of models that represent your data. Since the algorithm is constantly analyzing, it understands how to predict your traffic. This allows it to know when there are suspicious spikes, and it will automatically send out notifications to you and your team.

Anomaly detection and alerts starting at only $50/month

Anomaly Detection Pricing

Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection Fits

Anomaly Detection costs are based on the amount of processing (used by the CPU) to analyze your traffic. Each machine learning fit is roughly $0.034. All pricing Anomaly Detection costs are based on the amount of processing (used by the CPU) to analyze your traffic. Each machine learning fit is roughly $0.034.

                                                                                                              Number of Fits                                     Cost per Month
World Aggregation                                                                                      1,464                                                    $49.25
Region Aggregation                                                                                    10,248                                                  $344.82
POP / City Aggregation                                                                               29,280                                                 $985.19

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