What is a DNS CNAME Record?

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CNAME (canonical name record) record is a DNS record type that maps an alias name to a canonical domain name. CNAME records can be used to map a subdomain like www to the main domain that hosts the content of the subdomain. Configure CNAME records with ease using Constellix DNS Management.

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How to point a CNAME record?

Canonical name (CNAME) records point one hostname to another host or fully qualified domain name (FQDN). They are also referred to as alias records as they allow you to map other records to your main domain name. When a nameserver performs a lookup and finds a domain has a CNAME record, it replaces the domain name and performs a new search based on the canonical name (the target of the CNAME). In this sense, CNAME records complete two queries before reaching a final resolution.

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Create CNAME Failover

Failover is most commonly used for redundancy and preventive measures for domains.

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CNAME Record Configurations

Did you know that CNAME records can be configured with any of our services? Even custom GeoDNS logic to sonar health monitoring solutions.

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CNAME Record Use Case
The Most Accurate CNAME

CNAME DNS records can be helpful when you have more than one record pointing to the same location (like a web server at the root of a domain). If the location changes, you would only need to change the endpoint in the record you are pointing your CNAME records to.

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how aname records work

How it Works

ANAME records act like a CNAME record, but at the root of your domain. Since CNAME records don’t support this functionality, we engineered our own record type that enlists the help of a network of resolving nameservers that check what IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) your hostname resolves to.

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