Free Network Troubleshooter

A light-weight Chrome Extension to help you debug and optimize network issues

Test your web performance and troubleshoot connectivity issues directly from your browser.

✓ Real User Metrics (RUM)
✓ Troubleshooting Wizard
✓ Monitoring Tools


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Real-Time Performance Metrics

The Sonar Lite Extension uses RUM (Real-User Monitoring), which gathers information about your browser’s connection to the Internet and your desired website. Sonar Lite uses this data to determine how fast a web page loads in your browser and can detect errors or latency in your connection.
You can use this information to optimize your website’s performance.
Real-Time Performance Metrics

Track and Compare Web Performance

View the performance of any website, and compare the results with dozens of other websites at once. Sonar Lite makes it easy, either visit your desired website through your browser, or choose from a list of your recently visited sites and get instant results in the Sonar Lite Extension.
You can compare your past results with up to the minute data to track performance changes over time.
Track and Compare Web Performance


The Internet and the networks we use to surf the web are inherently complex, which leaves many opportunities for something to go wrong. We consolidated all of the tools our network admins have been using for years into one lightweight extension to streamline the troubleshooting process.
DNS Troubleshoot

Coming Soon!
Compare your web performance to the rest of the world using GeoPerformance.

Are you or your end-users having a hard time connecting to a site? Compare your results with other users that have the Sonar Lite Extension installed.

Gain crucial insight into how your domains are being routed for users in different regions and cities. You can use this data to make truly unique configurations in your network using GeoDNS services, and improve to end-user performance.

Troubleshooting Tools

ITO Tools

While you are going through the troubleshooting wizard, you may need to run additional tests to pinpoint performance issues. This is a crucial component of an ITO (Internet Traffic Optimization) strategy.
ITO Tools

✓ Traceroute
✓ DNS Lookup
✓ DNS Trace
✓ TCP Check
✓ HTTP Check
✓ HTTPS Check
✓ GeoIP Lookup (NEW)
✓ Whois Listing (NEW)