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Slack Outage 2021

May 20, 2021
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Slack users are currently experiencing connectivity issues. The service is a platform that facilitates workplace communication. It offers a variety of highly effective means of connection among users, such as chat and video calls. It also enables the sharing of documents, images, and other assets which is mission-critical for business operations. It is even more essential during this COVID-19 time in which many employees work from home and team collaboration relies on the communication giant’s services. Slack outages have a substantial impact on a business’s overall performance since employees depend on the platform for day-to-day needs.

Reports of an outage started coming in just before noon CDT on Thursday, May 20, 2021, according to Downdetector. In less than an hour over 1,159 users notified Downdetector of the problems they were having with Slack.

Slack Login

The majority of the reports stated complications with signing in. There were also delays in sending and receiving messages. The call feature would display an error screen and the call would not connect. Some users also received an error message while Slack attempted to load their workspaces.

Slack App

The Slack mobile application signed users out entirely. When attempting to use the services via the app, they found their workspaces not displaying. Instead, they had to attempt to log back in using their Google or Apple credentials, email address, or enter the workspace URL. 

Slack Status

The Slack team has posted an update on their official Twitter page recognizing the outage. They have also posted a series of updates about the interruption under the Connections section of its status page. It is unclear what caused the outage at the moment until Slack discloses it in their updates. 

We're still working towards a fix, and users may still be facing errors when attempting to load Slack. We appreciate all your patience in the meantime and we'll continue to keep you posted.

May 20, 12:57 PM CDT

 Reloading Slack (Command + R / Ctrl + R) may help Slack to load as expected. We're not out of the woods yet, though, and will continue to share news here as it becomes available.

May 20, 12:27 PM CDT

Some users may be experiencing issues loading Slack. We're actively digging into this issue and will report back as soon as we have an update to share. We're sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

May 20, 12:17 PM CDT

Image and thumbnail source: International Business Times

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