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Heather Oliver is a Technical Writer for Constellix and DNS Made Easy, subsidiaries of Tiggee LLC. She’s fascinated by technology and loves adding a little spark to complex topics. Want to connect? Find her on LinkedIn.

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In this product spotlight, you’ll learn about our Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection (RTTAD) service and how it can protect your domain from threats and help your bottom line by identifying unusual domain activity.

What is Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection?

Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection is an advanced threat detector with sophisticated AI and machine learning capabilities. RTTAD continually analyzes your domain’s web traffic. This allows it to learn normal traffic behaviors and how it can identify when something is out of the ordinary. 

Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection: Benefits and Features

Domains face a major problem when it comes to DNS-related attacks. And that is that you can’t stop what you don’t know is happening. Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection solves this issue. When it's enabled, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your traffic at all times. No more nasty surprises or being caught off guard!

Here is a breakdown of its features:

DDoS Attack Detection and Protection 

The most common use case for Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection is its ability to detect DDoS and other volumetric attacks early—before they cause damage and take your domain offline. By design, DDoS attacks deny service to a server or network via a botnet. This botnet, in turn, begins flooding its target with fraudulent lookup requests. RTTAD immediately detects the sudden surge in queries and sends out an alert to your team.

Instant Alert Notifications

Instant notifications are delivered the moment RTTAD detects any unusual or suspicious DNS activity. This puts IT teams on the offense, so to speak, as they can make informed decisions before an attack completely crosses the goal line.

Identify DNS Misconfigurations 

Not all query spikes are because of an ensuing attack. Some are seasonal bursts of traffic or are caused by a well-planned and executed sales or marketing campaign—awesome! But they can also be the result of a mistake in a DNS record or configuration. RTTAD’s job is to alert you of any activity that falls outside of your normal traffic patterns. It’s up to your team to decide whether or not action is needed.  Just like DDoS attacks, misconfigurations or mistakes can be costly, so early detection is key.

Tip: In Constellix, you also have access to our advanced DNS Analytics suite, which is the perfect complement to our Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection service. Any time RTTAD alerts you of unusual activity, you can quickly research analytics to see the what, where, and how of your traffic so that you’ll know what steps to take, if any, to protect your domain.

DNS-level Monitoring in Real Time For Ultimate Domain Protection

Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection is a must-have tool to add to your DNS strategy. This is especially the case for domains running mission-critical systems like banks, educational institutions, or SaaS applications. RTTAD will keep a watchful eye on your domain traffic so your team can focus on more creative and meaningful work and your business can protect its bottom line. 

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