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New Feature and UX Updates

November 29, 2017
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When it comes to DNS, there's nothing we love more - except DNS management. And maybe Secondary DNS. Or Failover. Even anomaly detection. Oh who are we kidding, if it's even remotely close to the topic of DNS, we got you covered!

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GeoIP and ANAME records in Constellix

Constellix DNS now offers GeoIP functionality for ANAME records. ANAME records were created specifically to work with CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks) by pointing the root of a domain to a CDN’s hostname.

“With the rise in businesses using CDN’s and multi-CDN configurations, the combination of ANAME records with GeoIP functionality will prove invaluable for optimizing traffic flow,” says President of Constellix Steven Job.

More about GeoIP

Until this week, GeoIP functionality was only available for A, AAAA, and CNAME records. GeoIP services allow you to apply location specific rules to your DNS records. Constellix currently offers two types of GeoIP services: IP Filters and GeoProximity rules. IP Filters allow you to funnel traffic to or away from your domain based on your end-users’ location, ASN, or IP address. GeoProximity automatically routes traffic within a specified proximity to a system. Now that GeoIP services are available for ANAME records, users can use GeoIP at the root level of their domains. The most common use case for this would be a user that has multiple CDN providers and only wants one of the CDN’s to serve traffic in a specific region.

Constellix DNS received UX (User experience) updates to improve usability and comprehension of services. On the domains screen, users are now able to see how many records are in each domain and will receive an alert if a domain does not have any records. On most of the various services screens, there are now links to the appropriate tutorials and video guides.


The onboarding process also received an overhaul. New users will see a new dashboard when they login for the first time, which will direct them to our redesigned knowledge base. The onboarding experience has also been optimized to help users understand how the different features work with real-life use cases. New users are also encouraged to contact the new onboarding specialist for assistance through migration to Constellix and basic setup. The Constellix team encourages feature requests which can be sent to

About Constellix

Constellix is a subsidiary of Tiggee, the creators of DNS Made Easy, and the industry leader in providing IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. Constellix is an Internet Traffic Optimization (ITO) company and trailblazer in next-generation traffic management solutions. The Constellix GeoDNS platform offers the most powerful and precise DNS query management, engineered for the cloud. The platform is fully integrated with Constellix Sonar, which offers a range of advanced monitoring features and intelligent analytics tools.

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