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How to Add a Domain for DNS Management

April 22, 2021
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Tanya Valdez is a Technical Writer at Constellix. She makes the information-transfer material digestible through her own transfer of information to our customers and readers. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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You have established a domain. You might be wondering now, what do I do with it? There is one major step between obtaining a domain and making it visible on the web and that’s setting it up with your DNS provider. You have come to the right spot in your DNS management journey and we are excited to help you get started with this phase of the process. Whether you are a novice or a DNS pro, Constellix makes the job of adding a domain to your account a breeze. 

Adding a Domain into Your Constellix Account

This guide is designed to help you quickly and easily add your domain into your Constellix account. There are a few different ways you can do this, whether it is scanning and importing your current domain records, manually adding them, or adding them using our advanced option. Whichever method you choose to follow, our wizard to help guide you through the process.


  • You have a hosted domain ready to add to Constellix.
  • You do not have a domain added to your account or you are adding a domain for the first time to an existing account.
  • You know how to add nameservers to your registrar.

Add Your Domain with Constellix’s Domain Wizard 

The domain wizard is designed to walk you through the process of adding a domain and any associated records. Let’s first get you to the wizard so it can start working its magic.

  1. Log into the Constellix DNS dashboard.
  1. Click on the New Domain Wizard button from the upper-right corner of the screen.
  1. On the Welcome to Constellix screen, you will see the four major steps that you will be going through in adding a domain using the Domain Wizard: 
  1. Choose Domain Name
  2. Configure DNS Records
  3. Review Configuration
  4. Assign Nameservers at Registrar

Click on the Get Started Now button.

There are two different methods for adding records. You can opt to scan your domain. The scan will run queries against your current nameserver to locate some of the basic records, such as the MX, www, root, and TXT. The other option is to allow the Constellix Domain Wizard to guide you through the record configuration steps for your domain.

Option 1: Scan Your Domain Records 

This method is designed to be helpful for novice users setting up a domain. 

Step 1: Scan your existing records

Enter your domain name and click on the Begin Scan button under Option 1 to start this process.

Step 2: Review your scanned records results

The scan will produce a list of any configured records currently associated with your domain. Click Next to edit and configure these records. 

Note: The scan is not designed to locate every hostname that you may have set up for your domain, but rather it simplifies adding a domain by establishing a template, based on what the scan locates.

Step 2: Edit the Scanned Records

This step allows you to change or delete any records before clicking Next.

Step 3: Review DNS Record Configurations

Review and verify the resulting configurations for your domain and click Next.

Make note of the newly configured nameservers

The wizard will provide you with a list of nameservers that you have been delegated to use on the Constellix network. You will need to assign the Constellix IP Anycast+ nameservers to your domain at the registrar. Click on the Done button to exit the wizard. 

Option 2: Add Records Manually

For more advanced users, you can start with Option 2 and let the wizard walk you through the process of manually adding and configuring your DNS domain records. 

Step 1: Start the wizard

Click on the Start Wizard button under Option 2 to begin manually adding your records to the domain.

Step 2: Add domain services

You will be taken to the Create Records - Public Services screen to have a chance to add some standard industry services to your domain. This section will guide you through additional steps to add the necessary records, depending on your selection. Click the Add button next to the service and then, click Next.

Note: You can select one service to add through the wizard. Additional services can be manually added through API record calls once the domain is created.  

Step 3: Establish your web hosting DNS configuration

Check the box next to Yes if your domain has a hosted website. If it doesn’t, check the No box. Click Next to continue.
If you checked Yes, enter your IP address or the host name (FQDN) of your current web server.

Step 4: Create records for your mail services

Check the Yes box if the domain name is used to send or receive emails. If not, check No and click on Next.
If you select Yes, fill in the fields with the FQDN/IP of your primary and secondary (backup) email servers. 

Note: The wizard allows you to enter information for one email server. You will be able to add additional MX records in your domain once the wizard is completed.

Step 5: Create SPF records

If your outgoing email service provider furnished you with an SPF record, check Yes and enter it below. Otherwise, check the No box. Click Next to continue.

Step 6: Enter additional records

If you wish to add additional host names, check Yes and enter the record name and the IP address that it will point to. You can add multiple records and click the Next button. Optionally, you can check No to continue on.

Step 7: Review your domain configuration

At this point, you will have a chance to review your entire configuration to ensure all of the fields have the correct information. Click Next to confirm or Back to make necessary changes.

Make note of the newly configured nameservers

The wizard will provide you with a list of nameservers that you have been delegated to use on the Constellix network. You will need to assign the Constellix IP Anycast+ nameservers to your domain at the registrar. Click on the Done button to exit the wizard.

Add Domain and Configure Manually

This process is designed for the person who knows a thing or two about DNS management and how to configure records. 

Step 1: Add Domain

Click on the Add Domain button from the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Enter your domain name(s)

  • Enter your domain in the required field (see Add a Domain with Advanced Configuration below for details regarding these settings).
    Note: Up to 100 domains can be entered. If adding more than one, separate the domains with a comma.
  • Once you’ve added your domain(s), click the Save button.
  • Next, the Success window will popup with the nameservers for your domain. This is the information that you will need for your registrar. Click Close to continue.

Tip: Be sure to add your records before delegating nameservers at your registrar to avoid any “records not found” errors when someone tries to access your website.

Step 3: Add Your Records For Your Domain

Once you have closed the Success window, you will be taken back to the Constellix DNS dashboard.

We have tutorials for creating records if you need help.

Add a Domain With Advanced DNS Configurations

The process for adding a domain is the same for this step, but rather than clicking Close after entering your domain(s), click on Advanced Settings

Select Tag

Tags allow you to categorize, filter, and add templates to various domains. 

Global Traffic Director

Check the box next to Global Traffic Director if you’d like different query responses based on region. 


GeoIP enables you to make decisions based on the querying client when this box is checked.

Apply Template

Using templates for DNS records can be a huge time saver. It lets you apply the same standards and configurations to all of your domains at once. If any changes are made to your template, then it will update all records that use the template. 

Tip: DNS templates are useful for web hosting companies or for organizations with especially large websites.

Vanity Nameserver Configuration

The Vanity NS Config option allows you to rebrand or white label our nameservers for brand recognition. This feature is also ideal for web hosting companies or for security purposes if your servers are on-site.

Secondary DNS Provider

If you have a secondary DNS provider, this configuration allows Constellix to propagate changes to the checked cloud provider. If you make a change to the control panel or API to customize your DNS, we will make the necessary changes and APIs to the cloud provider to ensure they have the exact same configuration for you.

Note: Certain advanced DNS functionality that Constellix offers might not be supported by some Secondary DNS providers.

Import DNS Records

Another time-saving feature is our record import option. This option allows you to copy DNS records from an existing template or domain in Constellix. If supported by your previous provider, you can also transfer your records from an external domain via IXFR/AXFR. Constellix also permits you to import zone files that you want to add to your account. This automatically puts the domain name to the zone file and brings it into Constellix.

Domain Name Activated

Once a domain is added into Constellix, it immediately goes out to our thousands of global nameservers. Now, put on your best robotic voice and cheer, “Domain name activated.” You have successfully added your domain to your Constellix account. If you have questions along the way, we won’t leave you to your own devices (literally). Not only can you always refer back to this blog, but you also have our knowledge base articles at the ready. If you need further assistance, contact our support team. We’ve got you covered. 

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