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Constellix Announces Record-Breaking Usage in 2020

November 19, 2020
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Tanya Valdez is a Technical Writer at Constellix. She makes the information-transfer material digestible through her own transfer of information to our customers and readers. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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  • Websites have seen record-breaking domain usage in the third quarter of 2020, and 71% of US adults are expected to do more than half of their holiday shopping online.
  • The coronavirus, presidential election, and current trade war have resulted in increased internet usage for the current year.
  • Online retail, SaaS, social media, news outlets, and streaming services have experienced bountiful growth in domain usage, while the hospitality industry has plateaued.

Reston, VA, November 19, 2020 DNS Made Easy and Constellix have announced that domains have seen record-breaking usage for the third quarter of 2020. With the influx of internet usage 2020 has brought forth due to the coronavirus, the ongoing trade war, and the presidential election, significant adjustments were made to the way the internet was used. This divulged the need for immediate remedies from various types of online industries.

“I am proud of our team here at Tiggee and how they have worked hard during these trying times,” says Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy and Constellix, “2020 has proven to be a challenging year. Our teams have grown and continue to excel as we push forward with our dedication to providing services that have contributed to keeping the world connected during unprecedented times. We have recently expanded our network globally in South America, Africa, and South Korea to continue our commitment to providing the fastest possible traffic decisions with 100% uptime and services that allow for domain growth for organizations of all sizes.” 

In order to fully prepare for the domain impact that the 2020 holiday season will bring, DNS Made Easy and Constellix have compiled some of the top types of virtual industries that experienced considerable increases in domain usage for the third quarter of 2020.

Record-breaking Domain Usage

  1. Online retail became the primary way to purchase products during the coronavirus lockdown, receiving a 57% domain usage growth.    
  2. SaaS (software as a service) companies have experienced a dramatic 54% growth in domain usage. They are able to develop, host, and update their product from one location and provide this service to their customers. Since SaaS companies offer services that can be accessed via an internet-connected computer or, in some cases, mobile devices, this helped support students and employees who were forced to learn and work from home during COVID-19 lockdowns.
  3. News outlets immersed the public in coronavirus updates, presidential election preparations, and weather reports that topped previous years with record-breaking storms during the 2020 hurricane season. National news outlets have shown increases of 42% growth. Local news outlets have witnessed upwards of 75% increases in domain visits due to local searches for coronavirus updates.
  4. Social media outlets remain one of the primary sources in which the public stays connected with the outside world during these trying times. Social was not solely used to stay connected with friends and family, but also as a source of current events and news. These social platforms have seen an increase in 51%.
  5. Streaming services have seen an increase in traffic during the pandemic in times of lockdowns and beyond, due to various businesses remaining closed. Movie theaters, amusement parks, and other entertainment venues have either kept their doors closed or limited the amount of customers that can be in their establishments. This has led streaming services to a 42% usage increase.

DNS Usage in the Hospitality Industry

While most domains have seen spikes in visits, the hospitality industry’s domain traffic has plateaued. With services like travel, lodging, and event planning, trends for this industry have leveled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

DNS Made Easy and Constellix have domain management tools that will ensure businesses are taking the proper measures to brace for the 2020 holiday rush. Uptime and security should remain a top priority with 71% of US adults expected to do more than half of their holiday shopping digitally this year. Real-time strategies, Failover service, and monitoring tools allow traffic configurations to be in place to guarantee organizations’ domains are 100% up and available and running at top speeds for their end users.  

About Constellix

Constellix ( is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, the creators of DNS Made Easy, and the world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. Constellix is the only traffic-management solution built for the cloud that combines DNS management with monitoring solutions. Constellix DNS is the most powerful and precise DNS query-management platform, fully integrated with the Sonar monitoring platform. Users can quickly change routing configurations based on the analysis from Sonar alerts. Constellix Sonar has integrated tools that offer a range of advanced monitoring features including performance optimization, troubleshooting, real-time logging, and alert management built for teams. Constellix is located at: 11490 Commerce Park Drive Suite 140, Reston, Virginia 20191 USA 

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Source: Tiggee, LLC

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