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What are Geo-IP Services?

August 5, 2015
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When it comes to DNS, there's nothing we love more - except DNS management. And maybe Secondary DNS. Or Failover. Even anomaly detection. Oh who are we kidding, if it's even remotely close to the topic of DNS, we got you covered!

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Accurate GeoIP

GeoIP Services are what make Constellix DNS the most accurate geo-DNS service in the world. Basically, GeoIP services are configured through the use of GeoIP Filters and GeoProximity rules which are defined on a per record basis. These rules enable our DNS services to pinpoint exactly where queries are originating from and allow our Global Traffic Director (GTD) to redirect responses from the closest possible regional server to ensure the fastest possible resolution times. These Geo-DNS responses are centered on an IP to location lookup that is done in real time. Combined, these features reduce site latency, guarantee uptime, and improve your end-user’s experience.

Site latency has become the deciding factor for many customers when visiting a new site. Over 7% of first time visitors will leave the site if it takes longer than a second to load. These services are also optimized for SEO, because faster response times directly increase rankings on major search engines.


GeoFilters are subset of GeoIP Service rules, they allow users to specify who can access their site based on location. For example: if you wanted to use A/B testing on a new interface, you could specify certain regional traffic to redirect to a different IP address. Another way you can use GeoFilters is to exclude unwanted traffic based on regional location.

For more information on Constellix DNS, GeoIP Services and GeoFilters visit and try it for FREE with your DNS Made Easy membership while our services are still in Beta!

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