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DNS Bytes: Tip - How Much Would an Outage Cost Your Business?

December 15, 2021
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Heather Oliver is a Technical Writer for Constellix and DNS Made Easy, subsidiaries of Tiggee LLC. She’s fascinated by technology and loves adding a little spark to complex topics. Want to connect? Find her on LinkedIn.

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Brands Lose Big if their Domain Goes Down

Outages may last for small periods of time, but they cause BIG problems. It’s estimated that the true cost of IT downtime averages around $5,600 per minute for all businesses. But this figure can drastically increase for enterprise-level organizations. For example, a company like Amazon or Apple, which reported revenues as high as $950,000 per minute in 2020 could stand to lose $57,000,000 in just an hour. 

Have you properly budgeted for an outage? Considering the long history of provider outages, every business with an online presence should be prepared for the worst. 

dns provider - outage prevention

Did you know: Constellix and sister company DNS Made Easy have the longest-running history of zero outages in the industry—12 years and counting.

If you want to get a more accurate picture of what an outage would cost your organization, just use our Outage Calculator Tool. Just enter in the necessary information and then use the “Hours of Outage” slider to find out what you could be facing the next time your provider experiences an outage.

Bonus DNS Outage Prevention Tip:

Most DNS-related outages can be avoided entirely just by using DNS redundancy, such as Primary/Primary or traditional Secondary DNS configurations. Having two DNS providers is the most effective and economical choice when it comes to avoiding an outage.

DNS Provider Outage Chart:

Priority DNS Security - image

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