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Constellix Hits a Hole-in-One for Wounded War Veterans

May 22, 2015
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In light of the Memorial Day celebrations, Constellix sponsored the 2015 Fisher House Golf Classic at the Lansdowne Country Club in Loudoun, VA.

The Fisher House Foundation is a great non-profit, dedicated to providing free temporary housing and discount airfares for military families while they visit their wounded loved ones in nearby rehabilitation facilities.

President Steven Job of Constellix remarked he was grateful to be able to share the course with the men and women who’ve “kept me and my family safe.” On behalf of Constellix, their parent company Tiggee, and DNS Made Easy, Job extended appreciation to the troops saying, “we are grateful for these soldiers’ sacrifice and work, and are happy to aid those who’ve suffered in the process.”

In addition to playing golf, sponsors and veterans were invited to be a part of golf contests, silent auctions, and an awards dinner in which the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral James Winnefeld Jr., thanked the veterans for their service. Other speakers included two CNN anchors and a hand full of Medal of Honor recipients.

The Fisher House Golf Classic is an annual event charged with raising funds to maintain and build more temporary homes for these brave families. At this event alone, Fisher House amassed over $900,000. These funds could potentially build an entire home in Northern Virginia.

Since 1990, the Fisher House Foundation has housed over 250,000 families for over 5.5 million cumulative days. Because of the immense amount of support and years of donations, they’ve saved military families more than $282 million in lodging and transportation costs according to

This Memorial Day, Constellix and DNS Made Easy ask you to remember those who have fought for us, sacrificed their bodies and lives for the pursuit of our happiness. Take a moment this weekend to thank a veteran or active-duty soldier for their kindness and selflessness.

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