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October 8, 2015
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When it comes to DNS, there's nothing we love more - except DNS management. And maybe Secondary DNS. Or Failover. Even anomaly detection. Oh who are we kidding, if it's even remotely close to the topic of DNS, we got you covered!

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Unique DNS management

If you’re running a business, you know the importance of synergy and how it can revolutionize productivity. Constellix offers a unique approach to DNS management and performance monitoring, in that they are one in the same. Our engineers believe the two platforms must be integrated to have full control of your traffic, and what we ended up realizing was the relationship the two create is more powerful than we anticipated. With an integrated suite like Constellix, users can monitor and manipulate every aspect of their traffic from server, to rack, to data center… this gives our users massive amounts of control, exclusive only to Constellix.

Region Specific Monitoring

If you’re an international business or have customers in far flung countries, then you need to be sure they always have immediate access to your organizations website. Establishing an online presence is one thing, but maintaining that presence in every region is crucial to maintaining revenue from foreign markets. Do you have a large customer base in one specific region? Verify connectivity in an instant and check average resolution speeds using region specific monitoring. Checks can be configured by using different protocols such as HTTP, TCP, DNS, etc. Make sure all your clients, no matter where, are accessing your site as fast as possible.

Real User Monitoring

We know regional checks are great, but sometimes we know you want to see exactly what your customers are seeing. Using RUM, you can create traceroutes directly from your clients’ positions to see exactly what latencies or disruptions could be interfering with their connectivity. This is a unique service, because typically providers only allow you to see connectivity from the perspective of an internet provider (ISP) within a regional area. With RUM, you’re forced to generalize your customer base by their ISP and only see how well such an ISP is connecting to your site via their regional data centers. Pin point your customers like never before with RUM, and be assured that every customer regardless of ISP or location is always connected.

Real-Time Stats

Adapted from DNS Made Easy’s revolutionary Real-Time Stats platform, Constellix RTS takes real-time traffic management to the next level. After an initial load, Constellix doesn’t require any additional load times even when you change the view or roll-up by different data selections. Quickly analyze your query traffic and anticipate DDoS attacks with real-time query stats.

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