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5 Instant Benefits of Constellix’s DNS Analytics Tools

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Tanya Valdez is a Technical Writer at Constellix. She makes the information-transfer material digestible through her own transfer of information to our customers and readers. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Constellix is proud to offer the most detailed and advanced insight into your DNS traffic and system environment. Our analytics application allows you to view and retain your DNS traffic in real-time, which can easily be exported and shared with your team.  

Be Wise and Use Smart Monitoring Tools

Constellix is always enhancing our monitoring and analytics platforms to decrease your workload and make your life easier. Save time and start troubleshooting right away with live data at your fingertips! 

Constellix’s Sonar constantly monitors your content delivery network (CDN) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation providers ensuring to give preference to the best performing provider while removing unhealthy resources from your configurations. 

We give you the tools to essentially transform data into actionable threat intelligence.

We offer more real-time, historical, and machine-learning analytic solutions than any other provider. In this piece, we share the top five benefits of utilizing Sonar monitoring and query reports and statistics. We also share how Constellix services allow our tools to make your traffic-management decisions for you, based on real-time performance analytics. 

Top 5 Benefits of Constellix’s DNS Analytics Tools  

When you configure the suggested configurations, your end-user experience will not suffer, even when traffic-steering services kick in to safely reroute their connection. End users won’t know what’s going on behind the scenes because they won’t even notice a difference!

Here are five instant benefits that you can obtain when using our Sonar Network Monitoring and query reports and statistics:

  1. View and analyze recent queries with live data analytics. Obtain an overview of recent queries for all of your domains. Constellix’s control panel dashboard displays several at-a-glance query reports. You can also view the total queries for all of the registered domains on your account in the Advanced Query Report section of the control panel or in the Data Explorer. 

Plus, we are the only provider to allow you to view your DNS traffic in real time as it comes in. Once our Real-Time Anomaly Detection tool is configured for your domain, your site’s DNS traffic will begin to be studied and recorded and within two to four hours, data will start to populate. This information is also stored to allow for machine-modeling enhancements. You can set configurations so that you are notified of any abnormalities because Real-Time Traffic Anomaly Detection uses its collected data to determine the normal traffic flow for your domain.

  1. Obtain a detailed view of the queries. Constellix’s Data Explorer allows you to review recorded data to pinpoint records that are being used the most within a two-week timeframe. You can also get more detailed and use a filter to help identify resources that are stale or unused. This is most commonly used for repurposing or cleaning out old files. 
  2. Make traffic-routing decisions based on content. Using the information from the query reports, you can properly route traffic to the best content source for your end users.
  3. Make decisions based on your end users. Not only can you make decisions by content and a community of users, but Constellix allows you to filter your query logs to make traffic decisions based on your end users’ location's. 
  4. Price matters. Constellix offers the ability to have a system that monitors your services and traffic in real time and saves you time, energy, and resources, and more importantly, money.

Our unique, layered Sonar monitoring system and DNS analytics reports assist in your goal of 100% uptime. No one ever wants to worry about downtime or lag. Sonar allows you to make ideal traffic decisions for your domain. In addition to saving you from the monetary loss that downtime can bring, Constellix offers strategic pricing for monitoring services. Not only do we offer the most advanced query analytics and a traffic-management suite, but we also offer it at competitive rates that scale with your organization’s needs. The more services you utilize, the more benefits and savings you will receive. So, you’re incentivized to grow with us. 

Sonar Monitoring Services

Constellix services work hand in hand. Our IP Anycast+ technology redirects traffic to the closest authoritative name server for the end user. This ensures speed and reliability for all of your domains. With the extensive analytics and agent-monitoring capabilities, we’re able to make your work life much easier.

We study the x and y coordinates of your domain’s traffic and utilize this information to gather historical data and determine what is considered to be normal traffic. In the event of an anomaly, you will be immediately notified by email. 

This allows you to make proactive decisions instead of reactive decisions.

Redirects traffic to the closest authoritative name server

Book a Demo with Constellix for an Analytics Tools Walkthrough

With industry-leading query analytics and monitoring services, these are just a few of the tools you would benefit from when taking advantage of our analytics services. Allow Constellix to monitor your DNS traffic and environment for you.

Want a tour of these features? The Constellix team would be happy to show you our platform live in action, so book a free demo. Our customer success team will help you make smart traffic-management decisions for your organization.

We work hard in the background to make your job easier. 

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For information on Constellix or DNS Made Easy products and services contact us. Our specialists will be happy to discuss your specific needs and work with you to find the perfect DNS solutions for your business.

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