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What is SSL Certificate Monitoring

June 7, 2022
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Jessica is the Marketing and Brand Manager for Constellix and DNS Made Easy. She likes quirky one-liners, selling technology services, and connecting with people.

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SSL Certificate Monitoring keeps track of the expiration date of the secure sockets layer certificate and the number of days before it expires. It will allow you to manage and monitor your SSL expirations from a global perspective with ease.

How does SSL Work?

How does SSL work?

What happens if your SSL Certificate Expires?

If an expired SSL certificate is used, you lose the benefits and securities that a valid working certificate offers you. To prevent your website and its users from being at risk, Constellix has added this monitoring service that automatically notifies you of upcoming cert expirations on your network before they expire, allowing you the peace of mind of security and SSL certificate validation.

With the security and protection of your information being at an all-time high, it is vital that your domains remain private and secure. Due to SSL certificates having a validity period, these dates have become increasingly important to providing the server authenticity that will allow web browsers to understand the identity of servers.  

Why do you need an SSL Certificate Monitoring Tool?

  1. An expired SSL Certificate is bad for search engine rankings - Google has confirmed that a secure website with an SSL certificate will have an advantage over other websites that are not as secure and encrypted. This is considering all other factors remain unchanged. 
  2. Prevent the loss of traffic and business from blocked visitors who receive the “your connection is not private”
  3. If your site appears unsafe, you will cause damage to your brand and your company's reputation. SSL certificates create favorable customer relationships. Keeping them up to date is important to maintain a positive reputation for your business. 
  4. Edge computing is the new way to deploy applications for a geographically dispersed customer base.

Constellix Exclusive -  SSL Certificate Monitoring Benefits

  1. Receive additional insight into certificate-related events like; (expired, not yet valid, wrong host, untrusted root, renewal deadline...etc)
  2. Constellix allows you to monitor from a specific location - only monitor from the location that is important to your organization.
  3. SSL certificate monitoring built for CDN assets (images, static content, JavaScript, CSS)
  4. You can save time and confusion of expired SSL certificates by choosing your preferred specific locations that can pinpoint issues through monitoring from endpoints all over the world.
  5. Because organizations use wild card certificates and multiple CAs (certificate authorities) that allow the same certificate to be used in different subdomains (,, Integrate with your existing PKI management solutions (notify via rest endpoint)
  6. Constellix offers advanced monitoring of SSL certificates (compliance, security, vulnerability, privacy)
  7. Because your SSL certificate management and update timeline is different from your application release cadence, Constellix has separate http(s) and SSL monitoring solutions.
  8. Constellix offers a holistic view of your organization's SSL certificates

How often are my SSL Certificates Monitored?

  • Checking all agents daily, Constellix allows you to specify your monitoring intervals every 12 hours, or every 24 hours based on the mission-critical nature of the domain.
  • Choose the timeframe of when you start getting daily notifications:  Receive alerts if the certificate expires within a month/15 days/ One week/ 3 days.
  • Because Constellix runs more worldwide checks than other competitors, it creates opportunities to catch errors related to SSL certificates.

How much does SSL Cert Monitoring Cost?

  • Inquire with our sales team to receive a customized quote.

How can I receive notifications?

  • Email reports
  • In the Constelix dashboard
  • Microsoft Teams and  Slack channel messages
  • SMS text messages

Constellix is unlike others available in the industry, as we take a more in-depth approach to SSL certificate monitoring. Current customers can talk to a Constellix expert to learn more. For new users,  email

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