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Multi-CDN Management

Relying on one CDN provider is no longer standard practice. With global outages and poor performance occurring across the internet, we have come up with a solution for maximum uptime and enhanced performance for your domains.

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Optimize your CDN providers

Constellix's Multi-CDN management suite can effectively prevent global outages like the one Fastly recently experienced which took down a large portion of the internet. If you are utilizing a CDN provider, and redundancy isn't part of your equation, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Multi-CDN allows you to effectively double your coverage map, ensuring 100% uptime – even during provider outages.

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The Constellix Multi-CDN strategy helps reduce latency, that vastly improves performance issues, and helps to save on costs. You can intelligently route traffic in real time using the CDN provider that provides the most optimal performance and economical solution for your organization.

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100% Uptime

Constellix combines the reassurance of DNS Made Easy, a network with a 20-year legacy who has consistently outperformed the competition with intelligent traffic routing services that  dynamically adapt to network conditions and resource performance.

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Proprietary Software

We designed Constellix with an all-new, custom code base. This allows us to do amazing things that DNS Made Easy (and other legacy services) could never accomplish, such as proprietary nameserver software that lets us implement a number of advanced features not possible with a standard RFC-compliant nameserver software.

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Smart Solutions

This technology opened the doors for innovative solutions for managing Multi-CDN architectures and globally distributed cloud services, such as our Traffic Steering solution. Traffic Steering uses a combination of advanced DNS routing rules and Real-User Monitoring to optimize how traffic is routed to your resources based on the current state of the internet.

Ensure you’re prepared for an outage! We will help you set up your DNS services and configure your Multi-CDN to best suit your organization’s needs.

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Benefits of Multi-CDN Management

Ensure your site and services are always live and available to your end users in the event of CDN outages.
No other DNS provider can say that.

Smart Routing
Real-time machine learning used, which automatically routes users to the fastest CDN
that is catered to their location and network.

Cost-Effective Solution
Switching to Constellix can save you thousands of dollars a month. Plus, with Multi-CDN,
queries will be routed to the CDN that is most budget friendly.

Multi-CDN Implementation

You don't need a CDN aggregator or Multi-CDN provider to get started. Just use your DNS provider and enjoy complete control through a single interface.

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Multi-CDN Setup

Easy to set up, with no upfront costs, and no coding required. Get started in two ways:

DIY - Build your own Multi-CDN load-balancing configuration with Round Robin, Failover, or Load Balancing.

Multi-CDN Wizard - All you need is the API keys for each of your providers, and we’ll automatically provision your CDN instances, DNS records, and monitoring checks for all of your providers in five regions. Easily make changes, such as turning on RUM/Traffic Steering, and adding or removing providers.

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Machine Learning + DNS
Smart Routing

Let us do the thinking for you and automate your application delivery with AI & ML.

We use a robust network of monitoring nodes and real-user data to routinely check which provider is the fastest in each region and dynamically update your DNS records to point to the fastest one.

You’ll notice huge performance gains even if your CDNs share the same PoPs.

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Enhanced Failover
No Single Point of Failure

CDN services are prone to outages and service degradation, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the consequences. Multi-CDN allows you to seamlessly migrate traffic to your backup providers in the event of an incident to prevent downtime and reduce the scale of interruptions.

Our CDN load-balancing services come with baked-in failover and outage recovery measures, that kick in automatically as soon as we detect a slowdown or unavailable provider.

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GeoDNS + Load Balancing
Location-specific CDN

The internet is unpredictable, with performance varying wildly by location due to ISP peering practices and volatile network conditions. You can't blanket your user-base with a single provider anymore. Instead, use your vendors where they perform the best, or where they are more affordable with regional Load Balancing. Build your own custom configurations or try our Traffic Steering service which will dynamically route each user to the fastest CDN in their region, or for their specific location, or network.


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