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We know you have better things to do than double checking and triple checking your network or web performance. Let Sonar do the hard work for you. Our monitoring nodes can verify performance as soon as every two minutes and alert you of any changes before your clients notice.

Sonar checks are fully integrated with Constellix DNS. That means you can configure web checks in Sonar to influence DNS failover and load balancing decisions... automatically!

Web Check

Every one of our checks is fully customizable, allowing you to choose the window and frequency of checks as soon as 5 seconds to 30 minutes following system disruptions.

  • Quickly set up HTTP or HTTPS checks to monitor domain availability and load times.
  • Easily schedule maintenance windows, so you're not alerted when you don't need to be.
  • Check for IPv6 connectivity with the click of a button.
  • Monitoring your domains from any (or all) of our two dozen locations.
Web Check
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Waterfall Check

See exactly which assets and resources are effecting your page-load performance.

The waterfall checks breaks down web pages into its assets (i.e. CSS, JavaScript, images, DNS lookups and CDN) and presents them in a pie chart so you can quickly identify the cause of page load increases.

Now you can configure waterfall checks to monitor your site from every location in the Sonar network simultaneously, or rotate through each location at every monitoring interval.

TCP Check

Verify the performance of a domain name (FQDN) or IP address from any location on a specific port.

  • Customizable monitoring windows from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.
  • Define a send string and a receiving string.
  • Monitoring from dozens of different sites around the world.
Web Check
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Historical Traceroute

Compare traceroutes to quickly identify performance changes.

A traceroute shows you all the network hops between your chosen monitoring location and a server or FQDN. Sonar allows your to compare two traceroutes side-by-side to identify bottlenecks, packet loss and latency over time.

Users can view:

  • The IP addresses of each hop along the way
  • The path traffic takes to reach the website
  • Shows Where the bottleneck occurs at each stop
  • Minimum, Maximum and Average Response times in ms

Instant Check

Your new daily network troubleshooting utility.

Run basic monitoring checks for free within the Constellix Sonar dashboard. You can even run a check and then a traceroute without leaving the page. We took the same tools you've known and loved from our mobile monitoring app, Sonar Lite, and put in your browser.

  • HTTP and HTTPS check
  • TCP check
  • DNS check (A, AAAA, CNAME, SOA, NS, etc.)
  • Traceroute

Each check can be run from dozens of nodes within the Constellix network. You can even run a check through one location and then quickly check a different location, all without having to reenter your information.

Web Check

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