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Modern organizations on the cutting edge of technology need more out of their DNS than the average provider offers. Constellix understands the unique needs of corporate and enterprise-level companies and developed our solutions based on real-world use cases and customer feedback.

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Fastest DNS

100% DNS Uptime with Lightning Fast DNS - We offer an uptime guarantee that we can actually back up—this comes with a 500% back uptime SLA for enterprise-level customers. Our global infrastructure also ensures fast, high-quality performance 34/7, 365 days a year.

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Highly Scalable Network

Constellix was built to scale. There are no hidden fees and no surprises as your organization grows. We don’t penalize you for your success—you pay only for the services you use!

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how aname records work

DNS Performance Monitoring

Our Sonar Performance Monitoring solution makes DNS smart and is an automated disaster recovery solution. Sonar performs instant location/health checks and sends real-time alerts to IT teams if one of your resources goes down or is experiencing performance issues. It automatically updates and redirects Failover configurations according to the health status of your endpoints and redirects traffic to the closest and fastest healthy resource. Sonar also lets you automate network tasks and can be used as a standalone service.

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Smart DNS with Advanced Failover and Sonar Health Checks

We help enterprise-level organizations prevent outages within their own networks and systems too. Our Failover services allow you to add multiple backup resources for your domain and give you full control of your DNS management. Once configured, your endpoints are continuously monitored by our state-of-the-art Sonar health checks, which send instant status alerts to IT teams when a performance change is detected.

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Advanced Geo DNS Features

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IP Filters

Create your own DNS firewalls, block malicious or unwanted traffic, optimize traffic by region, and more using IP filters.


Geo Proximity Routing

Automatically point end users to the closest server in your network and even build your own CDN with Geo Proximity

Traffic Steering Constellix

Global Traffic Director

Create region-specific DNS records, optimize your traffic flow, and improve query resolution accuracy. Learn more

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Multi-CDN Management

Load balancing and latency monitoring for CDNs. Improve page load times, overall performance, and prevent outages with Multi-CDN Management

Libra DNS

GSLB - Global Load Balancing

Load balancing and latency monitoring for CDNs. Improve page load times, overall performance, and prevent outages with Multi-CDN Management

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Advanced Traffic Routing

With such powerful features at your disposal, you’ll have more power over your web traffic than ever before.

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Custom DNS and Security for Large Organizations
and On-prem Networks

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Threat Detection and Prevention

Stop DDoS attacks before they can cause damage to your domain. With our Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection (RTTAD) service, your IT team will be alerted to any unusual activity instantly. RTTAD uses machine AI to learn and predict your unique web traffic patterns. This allows you to make proactive decisions and take steps to protect your domain from threats.

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Advanced DNS Analytics

We offer the most comprehensive DNS analytics in the industry. With Constellix, you’ll have access to raw query data and logs, have the ability to see web activity in real time, and view historical data for your domain. This helps IT teams spot and troubleshoot misconfiguration errors, identify peak query times, track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through DNS, and assist with SEO optimization.

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White Label DNS Nameservers

Rebrand Constellix nameservers to reflect YOUR brand while still mapping to Constellix IP addresses. As a premium DNS user, you’ll also have the option to receive a dedicated IP address for your IPv4 and IPv6 nameservers. Do you want to see the platform for yourself and learn how Constellix can help your organization? Book a demo today. Our DNS experts will provide you with customized solutions.

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Enterprise DNS has never been easier.

Do you want to see the platform for yourself and learn how Constellix can help your organization? Our DNS experts will provide you with a customized walkthrough of our solutions based on your unique needs.
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Your DNS should be better.

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