SSL Policy

We have recently updated our SSL Policy. This new policy enforces industry best practices over HTTPS monitoring in our Sonar Performance Monitoring suite. 

SSL Policy Overview

Constellix is committed to offering innovative products and services that allow you to meet compliance and security demands without sacrificing advanced functionality. We have recently upgraded our SSL Certificate policy based on customer feedback and demand. This new policy enforces industry best practices over HTTPS monitoring in our Sonar Performance Monitoring suite.

We currently offer four SSL policies: Restricted, Compatible, Modern, and Ignore (see explanations below). Our recommended policy is Modern. However, to ensure all clients have ample time to adjust to the new policy, current Sonar configurations will be set to Ignore, the least recommended option. 
From here on out, any new Sonar check added in Constellix will be set to Modern by default. If another policy is desired, you will need to change it manually. 

Why SSL Certificates are Important

SSL certificates play a major role in end-user privacy and are critical to your domain’s security and brand reputation. Here is a breakdown of our SSL policies:

Restricted - This option is most restrictive and is intended for clients with strict compliance requirements, such as banks and payment processing companies.

Compatible - This option will ensure high SSL compatibility, however, it will fail PCI compliance, security checks, and third-party reviews because it supports outdated encryption.   

Modern (recommended) - Modern is our recommended setting for Sonar verification policies. It is a well-rounded option that supports a broad range of SSL features, reduces false positives, and follows industry best practices.

Ignore (not recommended) - The option is the least restrictive and also the least recommended version as it is less secure and supports out-of-date TLS, self-signed certificates, and other antiquated SSL features.

Need to Edit Your Current Sonar Policies?

Our top priority here at Constellix is to provide the most advanced and secure DNS products available. Our SSL policy upgrade is a major enhancement to our Sonar Performance Monitoring service, which is designed specifically to address industry best practices and the needs of our clients.

To view or edit your current Sonar policies, login to the Sonar dashboard.
Image below shows SSL Certificate policy options.

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