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What is your goal implementing Constellix DNS management?

People are coming to the website literally from all around the world, and that's why we have web servers on different continents. There was a need for a reliable GeoDNS service that would always forward people to the closest server.

How does Constellix help to achieve these goals?

With the help of Constellix's geographic load balancing (GeoDNS) and an automatic failover mechanism, end-users always get the best and fastest service experience by accessing the closest server available out there, no matter where they are located.

How does Constellix benefit your organization?

We have measured our page load times from all over the world and found out that typically, they have dropped from 3-4 seconds to 1-2 seconds. That is a considerable performance improvement that positively affects our customer's experience on the website.

About Affordia Oy:

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Why you will love Constellix

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Migration Wizard

Just enter your domain(s) and hit scan, we’ll find all your records, and you can choose which ones you want to import.
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No Downtime

We’ve helped hundreds of clients migrate from Oracle Dyn to our nameservers without any downtime at all.
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Contract Relief

We offer special programs to help you through the remainder of your contract. Talk to your account representative to learn more.
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Live Support

Get technical assistance from a real human within a few hours to a business day. Premium support options are availble for a low monthly cost.

100% Uptime SLA

Unlike other providers, we offer 100% uptime SLA's to all, yes all, of our clients.
And you can take that to the bank. Guaranteed.
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Need help deciding?

Let one of our sales specialists help. Tell us what you want to accomplish with your customized migration and we will help you find a solution. Or you can schedule a demo and we can show you some of the ground-breaking things you can accomplish with our full service Constellix DNS suite.

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