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The DNS Lookup will retrieve DNS records for a domain based on the query parameters provided. The DNS lookup is generated directly from the chosen location and is queried against the provided nameserver. All answers this tool provides are a direct response from the nameserver provided.

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Domain Lookup Explained

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About DNS Checker Tool

Constellix's free DNS Lookup tool lists DNS records for a domain in priority order. A DNS lookup is created directly against the domain's authoritative name server, and changes to DNS Records will show up immediately.

What is DNS Lookup?

Performing a DNS lookup is the process in which a DNS record is returned from a DNS server. These servers will translate the selected domain names into human-readable numerical addresses.

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DNS Check Records List

A Record
AAAA Record
CNAME Record
MX (Mail Exchanger) Record
TXT (Text) Record
NS (Nameserver) Record
SOA (Start of Authority) Record
SRV (Service Record) Record

Domain Lookup and Filters

Our DNS lookup tool allows you to quickly produce a DNS lookup and see details of any domain from DNS servers located across the globe. Choose from 32 different locations listed in the tool above.

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