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The Constellix DNS and Sonar monitoring services are second to none in the industry. Their low latency response times, track record of 100% uptime, and ability to direct traffic based on actual service availability using their purpose-built, Global Anycast DNS Network provides provides our customers with faster response times and improved reachability, wherever they are located in the world.”

Alexander McMillen
SVP Operations, OPAQ
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We have measured our page load times from all over the world and found out that typically, they have dropped from 3-4 seconds to 1-2 seconds. That is a considerable performance improvement that positively affects our customer's experience on the website. People are coming to the website literally from all around the world, and that's why we have web servers on different continents. There was a need for a reliable GeoDNS service that would always forward people to the closest server.

Mikko Rassina
CEO, Affordia Oy
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