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When it comes to DNS, there's nothing we love more - except DNS management. And maybe Secondary DNS. Or Failover. Even anomaly detection. Oh who are we kidding, if it's even remotely close to the topic of DNS, we got you covered!

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According to Carnegie Mellon University, a staggering 89.2% of the top 100,000 most visited websites rely on a single provider for their DNS management vs using two providers to add redundancy and eliminate a SPoF (single point of failure).

Cloudflare DNS - Did you know?

Did you know that your organization can use Cloudflare’s CDN, DNS, and  WAF solutions in tandem with another provider? Not only can you protect your mission-critical domains from outages, but you can also work with Constellix for an equally fast, more reliable network. Constellix boasts over 11 years of 100% uptime. 

Does Cloudflare work well with other DNS providers?

In a word, yes! Introducing a multi-DNS architecture is one that utilizes multiple authoritative nameservers from two or more providers. 

Benefits of Having a Redundant DNS Stack 

  1. Have peace of mind knowing that your domains are protected from potential outages
  2. Save on employee time spent on outage mitigation 
  3. If one provider does experience downtime, the secondary provider can immediately takeover without interruption
  4. Enjoy the luxury of faster site speeds when you work with the top-performing provider.
  5. You can delegate a portion of your traffic to one provider, based on a number of factors, and the remaining traffic can be sent to the secondary or tertiary provider of your choosing. 

What happens if Cloudflare goes down?

If you solely rely on Cloudflare as your one and only DNS solution, you are vulnerable to outages. The unfortunate truth is that since 2015, Cloudflare has experienced an outage on one or more occasions each year. See the chart below that showcases the historical outages since 2015 from the top DNS providers in the industry. 

DNS Provider  Outage History

PROVIDER     Recent Outages (regional and global)

DNS Made Easy   NONE (over 11 years of 100% uptime)

Akamai   Jul 2021, Jun 2021

Azure Oct 2021, Mar 2021 (2), March 2019

Cloudflare   June 2021, Aug 2020, Jul 2020, Apr 2020, Jul 2019

Dyn   Mar 2021, Oct 2016

GoDaddy   Nov 2020, Mar 2017, Sept 2012,

UltraDNS May 2021, Oct 2015, Apr 2014, Jan 2013, Apr 2009

NS1   2021, 2016

Route 53/AWS Nov 2021, Sept 2021, Nov 2020, Oct 2019, May 2019, Apr 2019, Mar 2017

GoDaddy   Nov 2020, Mar 2017, Sept 2012

How much does downtime cost?

The average cost of IT downtime averages around $5,600 per minute for all businesses. But this figure can drastically increase for enterprise-level organizations. For example, a company like Amazon or Apple, which reported revenues as high as $950,000 per minute in 2020 could stand to lose $57,000,000 in just an hour. 

DNS Provider Feature Comparison

• Constellix + DNS Made Easy are the ONLY providers that offer such feature-rich services that can be combined with Cloudflare.

• All features are hosted on our fully-owned (AS16552) network.

• Our robust feature set is ideal for enterprise-level organizations.

• Curated plans available for a truly customized DNS management experience.

Primary / Secondary With CloudFlare and DNS Made Easy

This is the most common kind of secondary DNS configuration and is supported in Cloudflare. The primary provider is where you update your record configurations, whereas the secondary receives automatic record updates via AXFR/IXFR transfers. If DNS Made Easy is the secondary provider, we instantly replicate this data to more than 2,000 nameservers over our Triple IP Anycast network. In this scenario, you would need to add both providers' nameserver sets to your registrar.

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