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Providing innovative Solutions to Enterprise Organizations

Modern organizations on the cutting edge of technology need more out of their DNS than the average provider offers. Constellix understands the unique needs of corporate and enterprise-level companies and developed our solutions based on real-world use cases and customer feedback.

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DNS For Enterprise

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Best DNS Quality + Availability

• Must have 100% uptime and unparalleled reliability

• Need consistently fast, industry-leading speeds

• Require instant propagation for DNS changes and updates

• Receive > 100 million queries per month

• Manage large volumes of records within a single DNS zone

• Need ultimate flexibility and scalability

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DDoS Security Protection

• DDoS threat detection and protection

• Require two-factor authentication (2FA)

• Need white-labeling and/or added security

• Want innovative, out-of-the-box solutions for optimized DNS

• DDoS threat detection and protection

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how aname records work

Custom DNS Solutions

• Need advanced DNS analytics

• Run client- and internal-facing mission-critical services

• Require intelligent, geo-accurate DNS

• Utilize custom API calls

• Need automation of simple and complex DNS tasks

• Want innovative, out-of-the-box solutions for optimized DNS

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Enterprise Support Plans

• One-on-one video support chats

• Dedicated account manager

• 24/7 web ticketing support24/7/365

• Chat and Phone support

• Accelerated SLA response times

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Guaranteed Uptime

No other DNS provider in the world can match our uptime history—11 years and counting!

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Outage Prevention

Because just 1 hour of downtime can cost enterprise-level businesses millions of dollars.

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Identify Resources

Constellix Query Reports helps your organization save time and resources to identify stale or unused records

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Accurate DNS at the Edge

We also provide the most advanced, Smart DNS services and consistently fast and accurate DNS that gives our customers an edge over their competitors.

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How Do we Achieve the Fastest and Most Reliable DNS?

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Anycast + Infrastructure

Constellix runs on our own, meticulously maintained Anycast+ network, which features more than 300 Gbps of peering capacity, 600+ Gbps of transit capacity, and over 100 monitoring nodes. Our main focus is on DNS management. We’ll never offer superfluous services you don’t need and our DNS service isn’t competing against cloud-based services that can slow down resolution times.

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Smart DNS Network

We have 23 PoPs and counting strategically placed within top-tier data centers across the globe, bringing you as close to the edge as possible. This ensures our customers receive the fastest and most accurate DNS speeds at all times. When you are handling billions of queries/day, you need a trusted network with a proven track record. Our fully owned infrastructure was built to withstand exponential growth for our largest clients.

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24/7 Superior Support

With a dedicated team of DNS specialists at the helm, Constellix was developed from the ground up, based on thousands of real-world use cases and customer feedback. We are here every step of the way; from white glove migration to expert implementation. Constellix 24/7 support available to answer your most technical questions and advanced use cases with confidence.

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