Meet Constellix!

DNS management for the modern developer, built on DNS Made Easy's legacy of industry-leading speed and reliability.

DNS Made Easy

  • Fastest Provider in the Industry
  • Triple Anycasted network
  • DNS Failover with Monitoring
  • SLA with every membership
  • RFC compliant
  • Regional GeoDNS services
  • Real-Time DNS analytics and query logging *
  • Free 24/7 web support


  • Most reliable network in the industry
  • Second fastest provider
  • Advanced GeoDNS services
  • Real-time DNS analytics and query logging *
  • Latency-based load balancing
  • Highly customizable network monitoring checks
  • Triple Anycasted network
  • DNS failover with advanced monitoring and custom alerts
  • Not bound by RFC's
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Free 24/7 web support

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  • Anycast network
  • DNS Failover with Monitoring
  • SLA's limited to higher paying clients
  • RFC compliant or limited non-RFC functionality
  • GeoDNS services available, but costly
  • Rudimentary DNS analytics
  • Paid or limited hours web support

* DNS Made Easy and Constellix are the only providers that offer truly real-time query logging.

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