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Our team has decades of experience troubleshooting and optimizing enterprise scale networks. We combined the features that have made our lives easier with a few new ones that we think will revolutionize network management.

We’ve segmented our services into four categories based on the different tasks sys admins are faced with: Identify, Analyze, Alert, and Troubleshoot. Together, these services form the most advanced and efficient network-monitoring platform.


Great for Web Developers

Identify which components of your site are increasing load times with Waterfall Checks. Or use RUM to optimize your site for different browsers or locations.

Go Global

See how your site is really loading for clients around the world then create unique solutions for clients based on true end-user viewpoints.

Integrated with DNS

Use the checks you created in Sonar to inform Failover and Load Balancing actions in Constellix DNS.

Cut Down on Tickets

Set up alerts so you know when issues arise before your clients do. We also give you the tools to troubleshoot the issue in a matter of minutes.

Sonar On the Go

Don’t feel tethered to your desktop. Just download the Constellix Sonar mobile app for iOS and Android.

Sys Admins Love Sonar

Sonar was built by sys admins, for sys admins. Check out our new Chrome extension that will guide you step by step through network connectivity issues.


Detect latency, downed IP's, region specific issues and more with Sonar checks.

  • Instant Checks (HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, DNS)
  • Region Specific Monitoring
  • Traceroute with Historical Comparison
  • Available through web control panel or mobile app.
  • Select features available on the free Sonar Lite mobile app.
dns screen
sonar screen


Gain real-time visibility into how end-users are reaching your website.

Just install a lightweight JavaScript snippet into your web page. Once the beacon begins gathering data, you can analyze your website traffic and garner valuable insight into your end-users.

You can also use the RUM tool to troubleshoot location or provider specific connectivity issues. Then switch over to Constellix DNS to make custom configurations to improve their performance.

RUM is great for web developers and designers! Use the analytics to improve your website performance, decrease load times, and much more.


Social media should not be your method for learning about network issues. Get instant alerts by SMS, email, or push notification.

  • Up to the minute alerting with alert escalation options
  • Set custom windows for monitoring uptime and performance
  • Align alerts with employee roles and scheduling
  • Scheduled downtime for maintenance
dns screen
sonar screen


For most applications, the buck stops with identification or analytics.

Sonar also provides you with the tools to troubleshoot and develop a solution to resolve network latencies and web performance problems. Now you don’t have to leave your browser to troubleshoot connectivity problems. Download the Sonar Lite Chrome Extension and use our 6 step wizard to root our network issues.

Coming soon! Sonar Intelligence will be able to detect issues and automatically alter network configurations to resolve them.

Need Help Deciding?

Let one of our Sales Specialists help! Tell us about your organization's needs and we will help you develop a monitoring strategy just for you.

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