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Fully Automated CDN Management

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Take back control of how your traffic flows to your CDN vendors. Our multi-CDN solutions make it easy for you to test out a new provider or optimize regional response times.

Just plug in your CDN providers’ hostnames, add monitoring checks, and let us do the rest.

No more third-party load balancers...

DNS load balancing is faster and more accurate than third-party load balancers. When you manage your multi-CDN architecture at the DNS level, you will see a significant reduction in TTFB (Time to First Byte) and overall load times since no extra dependencies or lookups are required.

You decide how you want your users to be routed to your CDN services:

  • Only use available CDN's
  • Prefer more affordable vendors
  • Ensure the fastest CDN vendor is being used (powered by ITO)
  • Region or network specific CDN providers

Why Multi-CDN?

Baked in Failover

Outages are inevitable and unavoidable in a single-CDN implementation.

Multi-CDN minimizes the impact of provider outages and automatically stops routing users to underperforming or unavailable providers.

Easy to Setup

No hardware, no code required. Just add the hostnames of your CDN providers to a load balancing pool and tweak the routing rules to your needs.

And only one interface to manage all of your providers!

Faster Load Times

When you steer traffic at the DNS level, there are no additional lookups required. That means speedier resolution and even lower page load times.

No More Vendor Lock-in

With multi-CDN, you can enjoy the aggregate power of multiple providers.

Double, even triple your reach and capacity!

Multi-CDN Configurations

Here are a few of the ways you can set up multi-CDN configurations in Constellix. You will need to have a basic understanding of how our network monitoring services work and be familiar with the different kinds of load balancing services we offer.

Ready to Try Multi-CDN?

Get started with these tutorials or contact us for a demo!

We just introduced a new feature (still in beta) that makes it easy to ensure every user is sent to the fastest CDN in their region every time.

We automated the whole process. All you have to do is add your CDN providers' API keys and we'll create all the pools, records, and monitoring checks you'll need.

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Need help deciding?

Let one of our sales specialists help. Tell us what you want to accomplish with Multi-CDN Management and we will find a solution for you.

If you want to learn more about how our Multi-CDN services work, or how to set it up yourself schedule a demo .

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