What are ITO services?

ITO is a new approach to managing online performance using real-time metrics and intelligent traffic routing.

Typical performance management platforms require you to constantly monitor and manually update your records to keep up with performance demands. This is stone-age thinking, which has historically led to service impacting latency, or worse... outages.

ITO operates at the root of the Internet, manipulating how traffic is managed on the DNS level. All decisions are made based on real user information gathered in real time, so routing is always current and unique for each location.

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  • Benefits of implementing an ITO solution
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  • Performance monitoring (RUM)
  • Intelligent Traffic Routing
  • Industry valuation and the future of ITO


ITO is for Everyone

Whether you’re a small business, corporation, ecommerce, or just use the Internet for communication… ITO is the next-generation of controlling your brand’s Internet presence.

The ITO industry strives to bridge the gap by using cloud technology to help companies of all sizes achieve the same performance goals as enterprises. ITO uses cloud-hosted management platforms to give small businesses the same global infrastructure as a tech giant, without the tech giant price tag.

ITO by the Numbers


Internet Users

That's half of the world population! The Internet is no longer a luxury, rather it's a necessity. The Internet keeps modern life running smoothly, from our jobs, to our commute, to how we shop, and how people find us. It has become critical that anyone with an Internet dependency take back control over how their audience reaches them over the Internet. That's where ITO comes in. Source


Things in Use in 2016

That means there were 5.5 million new “things” being added to the Internet every single day in 2016! IoT (Internet of Things) is such a massive industry, it is actually shaping the future of traffic management. IoT was one of the leading motivators for cloud adoption, because cloud-based networks are highly flexible and are able the scale for rapid growth without requiring additional infrastructure. Source


Things Predicted to be in Use by 2020

IoT isn't slowing down anytime soon. Even if you aren't in the IoT industry, you need to protect yourself from a new breed of DNS-based attacks that are hijacking IoT devices to attack targets with floods of information. Cloud-based network and intelligent traffic routing will be your best defense. Source


Value of the ITO Industry by 2020

As the Internet continues to evolve, audiences are more demanding, and attacks become more complex... Every business from small to enterprise need to have a traffic management solution that won't break under the pressure. ITO ensures 100% availability and optimal performance of your domains. Source

How ITO Works


  • Sonar monitoring nodes check the health of all endpoints in the record pool.
  • If a large enough change is detected, you can setup alerts to be notified of the performance changes as they are happening.


  • Performance data is passed to Constellix DNS, which updates the status of each endpoint in the pool.


  • Only the fastest responding endpoint(s) will be returned in the pool, so users can enjoy the fastest load times every time.

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