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Tiggee's newest subsidiary, Constellix, was founded and developed by the same team that engineered DNS Made Easy. Constellix is built off of DNS Made Easy's industry leading successes and expertise, combined with a foundation engineered specifically for the cloud.

Here is what you need to know:

  • 100% uptime history
  • Integrated monitoring and DNS
  • ITO-based platform with intelligent traffic routing

What is Constellix

Constellix an ITO (Internet Traffic Optimization) based traffic management solution. Simply put, our platform is designed to boost your domain's online performance and ensure the best possible experience for your end-users depending on where and how they are connecting to your site. Traffic decisions and made based on real-time user performance metrics, gathered from our RUM community.

ITOS integration
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Constellix DNS

Manipulate every aspect of your end-users' path to your website, from query, to server, to rack, to data center. Fully integrated with Sonar, so routing is based on real-time performance metrics.

  • Predict attacks using our revolutionary Real-Time Statistics. Harness the power of big data to keep your site online.
  • Speed is one of the biggest factors in gaining search engine visibility. Constellix offer lightening fast DNS that could help boost your rankings.
  • Develop filters based on different locations or connection types so clients receive content uniquely for them.

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Constellix Sonar

The Sonar monitoring platform provides all the tools necessary for monitoring advanced networks and end-user connectivity from dozens of vantage points around the world.

  • Ideal for international businesses. Capture end-user viewpoints from all over the globe, and engineer unique solutions using Real-User Monitoring.
  • Admins! Cut down on tickets when you can analyze and troubleshoot issues in real time.
  • Great for developers and designers! Identify what components of your site are increasing load times with Waterfall checks. Optimize your site for speed and efficiency.

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Constellix Management Console

Manage your account information, user settings, user application-level access, multi-factor authentication, and API keys all in one place.

Constellix allows you to have multiple users within one account. This is great for enterprises or larger organizations which have multiple administrators making changes. All changes are logged and version controlled, so you have complete visbility and accountability for your domains. You can modify user permissions and create as many sub-users as you need, all within the Management Console.

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Constellix Billing Console

Constellix Billing is live as of May 1st, 2017.

Clients can use the billing console to review past and current invoices, add/edit/delete methods of payment, and purchase support packages.

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