FOR Enterprises

The performance and reliability you've come to expect, without the big price tag.

Leverage the DNS to tackle your biggest migrations and roll-outs. We offer a variety of services that can help you manage how traffic is routed to your online assets.


Deliver custom experiences for clients based on their location, provider, or connection type.

New!   Steer traffic using real-time performance metrics with ITO Pools!

Stay Online

Enjoy 100% uptime backed by our SLA and built-in DDoS protection.

Secondary DNS

We offer integrations with 4 major cloud DNS providers for seamless multi-provider configurations.

Dedicated Support

Want round the clock support from someone who knows your network as well as you? Try our platinum support package.

FOR Developers

Built by developers for developers for truly automated DNS management.

Our services were designed with developers and startups in mind, built to scale with you as your organization grows. Enjoy all the functionality you've been asking for at prices anyone can afford.


Automate your DNS management with our full-fledged API that includes all the functionality of the control panel.

Multi-Zone Friendly

Have a bunch of domains? No problem! We offer 8 different ways to import your domains.

CDN + DNS = :)

Balance your traffic across multiple CDN's or you can even create your own CDN using GeoDNS rules.

Pay as You Go

Our pricing was built to grow with you. Only pay for the services you configure and use.

Services We Offer

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GeoDNS Services

Create rules to segment (or restrict) your traffic based on end-user location, IP address, or network.

  • Regional traffic routing (GTD)
  • Route clients by city, coordinates, region, or network (IP Filters)
  • Create a DNS-level Firewall
  • Proximity-based routing (GeoProximity)

Traffic Optimization Services

Use real-time monitoring data to dynamically update your records. Or try our advanced DNS-based load balancing services to optimize traffic flow.

  • Enhanced DNS failover
  • New!  Latency-based traffic routing
  • Round robin load balancing
  • Weighted round robin
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DNS Traffic Analytics

Analyze your query traffic in real time. Anticipate attacks and mitigate them before your end-users even notice.

  • Analyze incoming queries in real time
  • Slash troubleshooting time
  • Anticipate DDoS and other DNS-based attacks
  • Much more coming soon!

Cloud Provider Integrations

We've partnered with the top cloud DNS providers to offer our clients integrated DNS services. Instantly import your domains from another provider or use Secondary DNS to automatically update your records across both your providers. We currently offer integrations with the following providers:

  • Google Cloud DNS
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DNS Made Easy
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Additional Features

Vanity DNS / DNS Branding / White-label DNS

Account Audit with Tracking

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