The most accurate GeoDNS service in the world

The most accurate GeoDNS service in the world

Engineered to deliver the most granular query management

Manipulate and monitor every aspect of your clients’ path to your site, from query, to server, to rack, to data center. Harness the power of big data with Real-Time Stats to keep your site online by anticipating attacks and weeding out potential vulnerabilities. Constellix DNS is fully integrated with Sonar monitoring. Monitor your configurations and get real time alerts of performance changes.

Engineered for 100% Availability

  • 100% Uptime History

    Built by the same engineers who developed the fastest and most reliable DNS network at DNS Made Easy.

  • 100% SLA

    We are so confident in our network, we've guaranteed 100% uptime of all of our services.

  • Mobile Ready

    Download Constellix DNS for free for both Android and iOS. Enjoy full network management from the palm of your hand.

DNS on Steroids

Supercharge your DNS performance using our full suite of features guaranteed to keep you online 100% of the time.

  • GeoIP Services
  • GTD
  • Round Robin
  • Failover
  • Vanity DNS
  • Two-Factor Auth
  • Secondary DNS Provider

Take Your Business to a Global Scale

Our network was built by the network engineers who designed DNS Made Easy, the most reliable DNS provider boasting a 14-year uptime history. The Constellix DNS network was built using proprietary IP Anycast + self-healing technology, and spans over 16 geographically unique Points of Presence (PoP). Our network is both IPv4 and IPv6 capable, and DNSSEC compliant.


  • 24/7 ticketing support available for free to all clients

  • Premium support options

  • Customized support plans (prioritized tickets) and system integration plans are available for clients of all knowledge and ability.


    Phone support options for normal business hours, and weekend and holiday hours are available for clients of all sizes.

Revolutionize your Web Presence on a Global Scale. Try Constellix Today, It's Free for a Limited Time!