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GeoDNS Services

Create rules to deliver (or restrict) your content to end-users based on their location, IP address, or network.

  • Regional traffic routing (GTD)
  • Route clients by city, coordinates, region, or network (IP Filters)
  • Create a DNS-level Firewall
  • Proximity-based routing (GeoProximity)

New! How GeoDNS Works

What You'll Learn:

  • The tech behind our GeoDNS services
  • How each service impacts the path of a query
  • Benefits of GeoDNS
  • Use cases
  • How EDNS client subnet works

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Traffic Optimization Services

Combine tried and true DNS services with our ITO solutions to optimize end-user experiences.

  • Enhanced DNS Failover
  • Round Robin Load Balancing
  • Weighted Round Robin
  • ITO Pools
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The Constellix Difference


Use IP Filters to hone in on specific end-users depending on their location. You can use this target different demographics with advertising or customized content depending on their location.

Built for the Cloud

Our network and services were engineered specifically for the cloud. Because of this, our services work well with CDN's! Specifically ANAME records, which dynamically update your IP address and improve the performance of your domains.


Constellix DNS is integrated with Sonar. If one of your IP’s is unavailable or underperforming, Sonar will notify DNS and your traffic will automatically be failed over to a backup IP address.

SLA Included

We take uptime seriously, because we know first hand how unreliable services can impact business. That's why we guaranatee 100% uptime with our SLA.

Cross Platform

You can manage your domains conveniently from your web browser. No hardware or installations necessary. If you’re on the go, download our mobile app for Android and iOS.

Pay As You Go

We designed all of our services to offer you the most flexibility. Our pay as you go systems is great for startups or any company trying to scale up. We will never lock you into a pricing tier or long-term contract.

Engineered for Speed

Our network was engineered by the same experts that built DNS Made Easy. Each one of our PoP's are located at critical exchange points and use only tier 1 providers.

100% Uptime History

If you depend on the Internet for business or communication, online reliability is paramount. Our network is highly redundant and engineered to withstand the toughtest challenges.

Built for Teams

Create multiple sub-user accounts, manage individual permissions, and access your entire account history with user tracking.

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Real-Time Statistics

Analyze your query traffic in real time. Anticipate attacks and mitigate them before your end-users even notice.

  • Analyze incoming queries in real time
  • Slash troubleshooting time
  • Anticipate DDoS and other DNS-based attacks
  • Much more coming soon!

Cloud Provider Integrations

We've partnered with the top cloud DNS providers to offer our clients integrated DNS services. Instantly import your domains from another provider or use Secondary DNS to automatically update your records across both your providers. We currently offer integrations with the following providers:

  • Google Cloud DNS
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Microsoft Azure
  • DNS Made Easy
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Additional Features

Record Templates

ANAME Records

CAA Records

Vanity DNS / DNS Branding / White-label DNS

Two Factor Authentication

Account Audit with Tracking

Two-Factor Authentication

Advanced Search

Specify User Permissions

Security Audit & Tracking

Bulk Search & Edit

Domain Tagging

Version Control

Full Account Transfer


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